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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter pedicures, warm feet with PediSavers

Sixteen years ago I lived in Upstate New York where the winters were brutal. For the most part, during my seven years there, I did my own manicures and pedicures until one winter I decided I needed to treat myself. The weather was in the low double digits so I wore socks and sneakers to the nail salon and pulled out my flip flops to wear home. Not only was it a precarious trek to my car across snow and ice, but my feet – albeit cute with newly painted toenails – were feeling the bite of the cold. I began to think a pedicure during the winter was not such a bright idea.

pedisavers PediSavers, which “protects pedicured piggies™,” has solved the problem of cold feet after a pedicure. These pedicure socks are available in black and white knee socks as well as black, white and pink anklets. You can use them whether you’re doing your own pedicure or enjoying one at a salon. Just slip them on right before it’s time to polish – they also serve as toe separators – and you’re all set to go. They’ll look and feel great with your favorite flip flops and, as an added benefit, they’ll help keep your newly pampered feet moisturized.

This would be the perfect time (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to purchase a pink pair of the PediSavers because proceeds from each sale of them will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. Visit to purchase, and while you’re there buy a pair for yourself too. Even as the weather continues to cool down you can still pamper your piggies and keep them warm.

What do you think? Are PediSavers a product you would use or buy for someone else?

Disclosure: I received a the PediSavers product to facilitate my review and did not receive payment for this post. Any opinions expressed here are my own. More information can be found by reading my complete disclosure policy.

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