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Monday, September 17, 2012

Individuality is a funny thing

I want to be called a creative. Not a writer. Not an editor… or artist… or poet… blogger… SEO specialist… jewelry maker… none of those other things that I do because they all – pretty much – fall under one category: creativity. I came to this rather spontaneous decision while chit-chatting with a friend.

  2012-07-05 04.24.06My brain seems to work differently from other peoples, but – funny thing this is – I can find people who understand. I always say that doesn’t count ‘cause those people are sorta like me: my oldest daughter, a fellow Virgo, a fellow nerd, another writer, a free thinker… you get the point.

Ideas about different things come to me so fast I often don’t get a chance to write them down. One minute I have an idea about a piece of jewelry I wanna make, the next I get inspiration for something I want to draw, then there’s the post idea, after that I’ll have an idea for a project to do with the kids then I’ll remember something I want to tell my daughter, but before that’s over something else will dawn on me. Is that why I forget so many other things?

In the middle of having a conversation I often forget what I was going to say; happens to everyone, right? Of course. With me it happens four, five… maybe six or seven times in one conversation. Now, most people don’t know this. My daughter knows and my closest friend knows, but I mostly just cover it up when I can. I think that happens because there is some many new information coming in and there is little space for old information. I’m going to stick to that. The other contributors: medications, headaches, migraines, etc.

The last of my individuality craziness is my love of being alone. I absolutely love myself. I like talking to myself, watching movies, reading, sleeping, being quiet, staring at the wall, eating, lounging and everything However, I am a very needy person. Go figure. I like tons of attention. If you say you like me, care for me or are interested in me and you’re not in touch with me or don’t  check on me I get very, uh, disagreeable. Imagine that. An antisocial, creative, loner who needs a lot of attention and gets annoyed when left alone too long.

Yea, now that’s creative.

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