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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I’m Gigi

Gigi. That’s me. Just looking at the name Gigi makes me smile.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to telling you about the new addition to our family. I’m sure some of you may have already met little Ms. Autumn on Facebook. She arrived on September 11th at 5:17 in the evening. She weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces and was about 18 inches long.

There is quite a long story surround why Autumn Lynn arrived on September 11th, but I think I’ll save that part of the story for another day. I don’t think I have the energy to tell it right now. She is definitely a lovely light in our world and she’s the sweetest baby (funny how every baby is always the sweetest baby). She’s pretty funny as well. I am absolutely sure this is the first time any of my “children” have had such a personality. She responds to everything. If you’re talking nearby she’ll grunt, giggle, laugh, moan or make all sorts of noises in response – or at least it seems like it. Then she settles down. She even does it if you’re talking directly to her. If you move her when she’s totally comfortable she’ll let you know every.single.time that she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t really cry to let you know she’ll just sort of express a sort of unhappiness about it and sometimes she’ll let out a little yell if you don’t get the message.

I just call her a tiny bit of nothing ‘cause she’s so little. I think she’s going to be a small person with a great big personality. And she already has her mother’s magic over me: regardless of how I’m feeling I already love to be around her.

Amber and Autumn My daughter Amber is a wonderful mommy and I think I’m doing well in not giving unsolicited advice. Well, the baby is only a couple/few weeks old so I guess that’s not enough time to get into grandmother trouble. The feeling of being a grandmother is… different. Right now, since it’s so new, it’s difficult to describe. There’s this attachment that’s not like with my own children, but a protectiveness that is. I’m sure as she gets older and I’m able to take her with me to care for her and spend more time with her we’ll establish our little bond. Right now it makes a difference that I’m still raising children.

Speaking of which, the little aunties and uncle were so excited to meet their niece and she seemed quite excited (maybe content is more the word) to meet them as well. They wanted to constantly touch on her, look at her, hold her, ask question about her… they tired me out. Since she was only a few days old I had to go ahead and take them home because they were making me a little nervous. Although I had cleaned them up and got them out of their school uniforms, I didn’t want to have to be the hawk watching over the baby. As soon as my youngest is completely well and now that Autumn stays awake a little longer in the evening, we’ll go over one weekend and they can entertain her ‘til they’re bored. ‘Cause seriously, she doesn’t do much EXCEPT already rolls from her back to her side!A times three meet Autumn

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