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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get 10% off any purchase ‘til 9/30

There are a few things that are truly official:

  1. I’m a grandmother
  2. Grandparents Day is being celebrated
  3. Autumn begins on September 22nd
  4. You can save money at

simplybabygifts What do these things have in common? I’m glad you asked. They all mean we get to buy baby gifts. It’s true. As a new grandmother I have permission to buy my granddaughter, Autumn (so timely, right?), baby gifts whenever I see fit. In fact, since she was born close to Grandparents Day that means I can treat myself by buying her gifts until she’s old enough to buy me gifts. (Everyone nod with me.)

Regardless of what my daughter says, a grandparent’s logic when it comes to buying cute clothes and accessories is always right. Unless, and of course until, she puts her foot down. Then I’ll be forced to pout and she’ll have to give in or at least compromise.

What in the world does this have to do with Autumn? Will you pay attention! *giggling* With the change of season comes fabulous sales including sales on cute little baby gear including the fabulous finds as Simply Baby Gifts, of course. So don’t hesitate any longer, click on over there right away to get 10 percent off your purchase (no minimum purchase required) between now and September 30th. Simply enter the code fall10 at checkout.



  1. That is a cute onesie. Bet your grandbaby would look adorable in it. :)

  2. You CANNOT be a grandma, I saw photos of you on Facebook you look like a 30 year old lady...I thought we were the same congrats, I bet you'll be the coolest mom ever Petula :).


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