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Friday, August 17, 2012

Was I wrong? … I know I’m right.

Earlier this week I so kindly shared this photo on Facebook and Instagram… Oh, and I texted it to a number of people as well:

IMG_20120813_152041The photo, alone, is obviously incorrect. However, when you look at it in context with its surroundings does it make more sense? In my opinion, it may make more sense, but it’s still incorrect.

IMG_20120814_152205 IMG_20120813_151458-1








 IMG_20120813_151441IMG_20120813_151517 IMG_20120814_152058 Because the cones were in place (each with its own sign) it wasn’t necessary to have an arrow pointing to the right. I’m assuming the sign was meant to say, “Go to the right then keep left.” That still doesn’t make sense. What about, “Continue around car lane” and then ensure the pavement was clearly painted with the words CAR LANE. Ahhh, now that makes sense.

Of course, as myself and another U.S. Veteran were discussing, common sense doesn’t seem to be very popular these days. And like butt-holes, everyone has one; especially a Virgo, mom blogger who’s a writer. Just admit it: I’m right. *snorting laugh* An-t-way… What do you think? Am I wrong? Is the sign, wording, arrow okay and clear? I’m beginning to think it must be because I appeared to be the only one leaning out of the window laughing and taking pictures of it.

IMG_20120817_111628What I know I’m not wrong about is what is likely to happen to my son who just entered the third grade. (Yes, on to another subject.)  A letter was sent home from the principal that discussed lunch changes, enrollment, class sizes and changes, carpooling, etc. Concerning enrollment he said the school was below their enrollment by 79 students and if it does not meet that projection they will lose staff. “Class leveling is a probability in our 3rd grade classes in the coming weeks.”

IMG_20120817_111712 IMG_20120817_111744 






That news was obviously under the topic of enrollment. Later under “class sizes – common core curriculum – responsibilities,” he wrote, “Class sizes for 2012-2013 are 28 for 3rd grade and 32 for 4th and 5th grade.” (Yes, it said “grade” not “grades.”) Those class sizes are  under an approved waiver from the district and are considered large. If the 3rd grade classes are going to be leveled then how are they going to maintain 28-students per class? I don’t think they’ll be able to. There will be teachers responsible for 30 or more 8- and 9-year-old children. Is that what you ascertain as well?

With three children in elementary school and one in college there is always something going on. Although my college-aged daughter, who will be entering her last year, takes care 99.9 percent of her business there are still times when something requires my attention. With the younger children I’m bothered by a lot of this because they are still in their formative years. Everything that effects their ability to learn or detracts from it adds to what I’m already doing to pick up the slack.

It’s topics like these that add to my complaints. When I’m not fussing  about spelling or grammar errors in school correspondence and materials from teachers, complaining about a change in procedures and rules (especially if they’re different from what I did with my oldest daughter) then I’m miffed about changes that will negatively impact my children and ultimately ME.

What’s your overall opinion of the school system your children attend?

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