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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get paid to shop. Really!

Believe it or not, I’m not a fan of shopping. That’s right. Although I talk a lot about the money I save and the things I buy, it’s not because I like to shop, it’s because I like to find a fabulous deal. I mostly shop for the things me and my children need and just because I have a limited budget does not mean I want to by subpar items. That’s why it’s important to maximize my money.

In addition to getting name brand gear for great prices – like the $110 pair of jeans I snagged for about $10 – I belong to different sites that offer cash back for shopping or reward points for prizes, etc. I like shopping through Ebates because I get cash back.

Yes, actual money comes back to me!MyEbates screen

As you can see from “My Ebates” page (above) I’ve received almost $30 so far and that’s come to me via a check and I have almost $8 pending. I must admit I sometimes forget to shop through Ebates first so I can get more cash back, but everything little bit helps, right? $30 will give me a little less than half a tank of gas and all I had to do was sign up for an Ebates account, click a store link when I’m about to shop there, place my order and ‘whaalaa!’ – I earned some money.

You can earn money too by signing up for an account and if you sign up via my Ebates link you’ll earn me a couple of dollars as well. I really appreciate it if you sign up because every little bit helps (Remember? We already agreed that it does.) and in return if there is a shopping site or something that you think I may be interested in please leave the URL in the comments section. Also, while you’re at it, leave a comment telling me about your favorite online retailer. If you don’t shop online then tell us why.

In the meantime, happy shopping and earning!

Disclosure: This is not a paid post and I didn’t receive any compensation – monetary or otherwise. I have a personal account with Ebates and I’m inviting you to join for two reasons: 1) It works 2) It helps me and you. Any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete disclosure policy.

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