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Monday, August 13, 2012

Enduring inhumane treatment, first day of school #backtoschool

There is nothing normal about getting up before the sun rises unless you’re a farmer or one who likes to watch the sunrise. Which is why my alarm scared the bejesus out of me this morning at 5:45. Once I emerged from the bathroom, still blurry eyed and dismayed, there still wasn’t a light in the sky except for the street lights, which burned brightly.

IMG_20120813_070525My children, on the other hand, were on full wattage. The girls bounded out of bed – although I didn’t see this, I could hear them in the kitchen getting their breakfast. Amareah is responsible for getting up first this year when her alarm goes off and since Anna is a light sleeper she gets up with her. After they eat, they wake up their brother then go in the bathroom. Their brother eats and by the time they’re out of the bathroom he’s ready to go in.

Well, that’s in a perfect world. Today was a somewhat perfect world except for the fact that I was all too sleep to fully participate in the excitement. However, I was smiling from ear to ear as I looked at how they have grown and how my youngest was all dressed up in her kindergarten uniform.

Although I prefer the relaxed summer schedule the beginning of the year is exciting. My son is a big-time third grader – at the lower end of the totem pole at the elementary school, my daughter is a big-time second grader – one of the head honchos at her primary building, and my baby – along with her quivering lip and little hands rubbing her eyes – is experiencing kindergarten in the big-kid building.

I really like this picture (below) ‘cause I told them to act excited and that’s what the girls came up with. My son, on the other hand, looked at me like, ‘seriously?’ He just laughed and said, “I didn’t know what to do!” (ROFL!)


Now, remind me I said life is good when I start complaining about homework, rushed schedules, naughty kids who don’t wanna do homework and every other annoyance that comes along with the school year. Oh yea, life will be good EXCEPT at 5:45 every morning. *snort chuckle*
      IMG_20120813_071312If your kids have started school, what is the best thing about the school year for you? If they haven’t, when do they start and what are you looking forward to?
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