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Friday, August 17, 2012

Do you wear polarized sunglasses?

What’s the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses? Polarized lenses offer 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays. Why is that important? Because when you wear sunglasses, your eyes dilate making it easier for those rays to invade and damage the eyes. The other plus is that polarized lenses cut out a certain direction of glare.

However, the polarized lens isn’t without disadvantages . The main one being the difficulty in seeing LCD screens that are on GPS systems and cell phones.

So the ultimate question comes down to should you pay more for polarized sunglasses? From my perspective, I would say yes. I would rather have the protection and remove my shades to view any screens that aren’t clear for the few minutes that are necessary to see them. Now, on the other hand, if it’s something that I have to view continually and frequently then maybe it would be practical to have to pair of sunglasses on hand. One for maximum protection and one for maximum visualization when it comes to viewing specific screens, if that’s important… although it wouldn’t be to me.

When shopping for polarized sunglasses there are sites to shop that can take a little of the pressure off of your pocket like This online retailer has brand name eyewear, free shipping, the lowest prices and the highest ratings. They are also 100 percent authentic and they can prove it: Each pair of sunglasses comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a warranty  from the manufacturer that certifies they’re genuine. This documentation gives customers peace of mine that they’re spending their hard-earned money on quality merchandise.

Do you wear sunglasses? If so, are yours polarized or non-polarized and why did you make that choice? Leave me a comment before you and let me know.

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