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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Say “cheese”

I think it was last year when I tried to get my children together for a picture. It proved to be a bit difficult for a couple of reasons: 1) I kept forgetting when they were together. 2) They were hardly all together at once.

Amber was living about two hours a way and when she was around the kids were either sleeping, at school or with their dad. So when we all went to see her for her 21st birthday I wanted to get a picture, or two, of them together.

It proved much more difficult than I remember. Let me show you what happened:

I started with the three little ones (they’re really bigger than I’d like to admit!). They only stood still for about two minutes and, as you can see, Andre has his eyes closed and you can’t really see Amareah’s eyes. Anna looks adorable, but – overall – the photo is blurry.

   IMG_20120623_163457_thumb So they all sat on the couch and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to snap a photo. I would have been happy with no posing or looking at the camera, but could it (they?) be a little consistent? Andre, as usual, is entranced by the television, Amber needed to push up her glasses so she’s mid-smile, Anna is looking at Andre (with her mouth open!) and Amareah is posing but distracted.

IMG_20120623_170823_thumbNot one to give up, I tried again. I lost Anna to the television as well, Amareah is still posing, but now watching television and Amber is giving the “so, he’s still not looking look.”

IMG_20120623_170837_thumbLet’s try again. Yeah, Andre is paying attention and looking cute albeit a bit distracted! Amareah isn’t smiling and has an, uh, interesting look on her face. Anna looks stunned and Amber is ready, but now her head is growing out of Anna’s head.

IMG_20120623_170856_thumb I lose Andre, Anna and Amareah to the television, but at least Amareah is still, sorta posing. *sigh*

IMG_20120623_170915_thumbInstead of torturing myself any further we left the house and later when one of the kids was sitting on a bench outside of the restaurant I thought it would be a perfect spot to take a picture. You know, bright light, different location… I took the picture and looked at the expressions on my children’s faces. Anna is now too tired to participate, Amber is a trooper even though she’s burning up hot, Andre and Amareah decided the sun was too bright and… well, you see what happened.

IMG_20120623_192046_thumb I gave it one more go and tried inside the vestibule. I’ll take it! Aren’t they gorgeous?!


Do you find it difficult to get a good picture of your kids? Next time I try maybe I’ll have a new camera and the picture will turn out photography contest worthy. Do you use your phone or camera to take photos? If it’s a camera, what kind?

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