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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Personalized baby gifts are ideal for showers

Like most women I’ve attended a few baby showers in my lifetime; however, I’ve never planned one. Right now I’m in the process of planning one and because the mom-to-be means so much to me I want it to be an extra special occasion. The problem, so to speak, is that every time I get in planning mode it transforms into shopping mode.

You see, the mom-to-be is my daughter and I have to find every single special gift that I can. Not only does my daughter mean the world to me, but there is going to be a new little girl in my life and I want her to have the very best.

baby stuff®...personalized cozy bear blanket for baby girl! 2012-07-17 23-01-09 During my shopping expeditions I’ve discovered that some of the most precious gifts to give are those that are personalized. Isn’t it adorable to see your child’s name or that of a loved one stitched on a blanket, pillow or stuffed animal? What about a personalized diaper cover? I found some really cute personalized baby gifts at

I can picture my little granddaughter cuddled in a soft blanket with her name on it; just like I can see her mother, years ago, snuggling with a little bunny rabbit that had her name embroidered on its apron. It’s those kinds of gifts that memories can be made from.

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