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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My children are gonna freeze

Let me just be honest. That should really say, “I’m going to freeze my children.” However, I don’t want to take responsibility for that.


It’s not my fault that it’s always hot outside and that I am having stupid hot flashes. It’s not my fault that they’re always walking around half dressed like me. And it’s not my fault that they’re skinny and have no fat to insulate themselves… like I do.

We all know the temperatures as of late have been sweltering. It’s the kind of heat – especially here in Georgia – that when you walk outside it slams into your body and forces you to take a step (or 10) backwards. It’s the kind of heat that makes taking a shower ridiculous and it makes dressing up an annoyance.

I’ve tried extremely hard not to complain about the heat because I really, really dislike the cold, but I can’t stand the sweating any longer. So a little venting is in order. Yes, I think I’m premenopausal (what of it?) even though the GYN is trying to fit me into a box with the rest of the women in the world and has yet to officially say I am. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or an MD, to tell me I’ve hit the beginning stages.

So, unfortunately, my three young children spend a lot of time under blankets or wrapped in robes. At least I was nice enough to provide those for their comfort. (Aren’t those pictures a blast from the past?!)

How have you been coping with the weather where you are? Do you find yourself too cold or too hot when indoors?

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