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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have a blast of a day

Happy 4th of July!

There are oftentimes I let a holiday slip by without wishing you a happy one, but today – since I’m awake so early – I thought I would take a moment to do that. There isn’t anything special going on in my world today: no cookout (no invites and no grill), no visiting family (everyone is so far away) and no kids (they’ll spend the holiday and weekend with their dad). So I have time today to do what I want and I’m going to make today mostly a regular day.

fireworksI’ll get some work done, clean up around this place and tomorrow I’ll just relax and enjoy the moment. So whatever you plan on doing today (or over the weekend) be sure to be safe and enjoy it to the outmost. Watch out for the fireworks, drink lots of water in this extreme heat and have a sweet treat or something else you love.

Have a blast of a day.

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