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Monday, June 4, 2012

Things I don’t miss

“Oh my gosh, my period is late.” I don’t miss the chance that I might be pregnant. Now the only problem is waiting to miss my period. Menopause, where are you? “Oh my gosh, I just got my period.”

Waking up in the middle of the night to feed a baby.  There is nothing worse than bumping into a wall while trying to stay asleep and feed a screaming child. Not to mention changing a stinky diaper. Now I miss sleeping all night in an entirely new way: Is it just me or does aging bring wakefulness?

Calling my mother to tell her I’m “running late” and will miss curfew. I think if I wasn’t sleepy yet then I should have been able to stay out. Now I get pleasure out of leaving the house at midnight (when my children are with their dad) and going to the store. Ha! I’m a grownup alright! Let’s not mention that the only place I go is to the store.

Buying baby food, potty training and bibs. All of which are disgusting. Now my problem is no one told me children eat with their mouth open, find farting hilarious and use their shirts as napkins. Yea, that’s just as disgusting.

Walking into a room full of girls and everyone stops talking to look me up and down. Wait, that just happened the other day!

What have you been missing lately? :-D

Do share.

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