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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smelling roses, feeling breezes, splashing waters

This week my children are staying home from camp… for more than one reason. 1) It’s expensive as [insert expletive], 2) They’ve been wanting to chill with their mom. So beginning Friday the 22nd (not counting the 20th when the stayed home and we went swimming), I’ve had a lot of “mom and me” time with them.

We haven’t done anything extravagant, but it sure has been fun. That’s why you haven’t seem me around It’s a woman’s world! I decided to enjoy my non-virtual world. There have been some tweets here and there, Facebook surfing and pinning… a little email checking, but – for the most part – I’ve been smelling the roses.

When my kids wanted to swim last Wednesday I was none too excited, but I had promised so off we went to the pool. We were the first there so I got a choice spot in the shade and my kids enjoyed more than two hours splashing and playing. I had a chance to talk to a neighbor I’d never taken the time with before and I learned a few things about the complex. I even played in the water with the kids, which thrilled them to know end.

At the end of the day, my son said, “Did you have fun at the pool today, Mommy?”

“Yes, I did,” I told him, “Thanks for inviting me.”

“You’re welcome.” And he gave me the biggest smile. Funny how at 8 years old he has already started taking care of me. I imagine the thought in his head to be, ‘Mommy needs to have more fun and relax.”

IMG_20120623_174028On Saturday, the 23rd, the four of us drove to Milledgeville to celebrate Amber’s 21st birthday. Yup, my baby is 21. It’s one of my “it’s hard to believe, but it’s easy to believe” moments. I’m the type of parent who looks forward to the empty nest. Why? My main reason is because I believe my children were blessed to me to raise them to be adults. Good, moral, loving, hard-working, well-educated (etc., etc.) members of adulthood. If I have accomplished that then I feel good.

I have not always been happy with Amber’s choices or whatever, but I am overwhelmingly proud of the type of person she has grown to be and I’m extremely honored that I had something to do with that. So instead of being nostalgic and teary eyed on this big birthday moment we all had so much fun.

IMG_20120623_163248Me and the kids brought her a big cake and a couple of presents, we sang happy birthday and ate cake then chatted some. Before we could get hungry for dinner, we took Amber shopping to get her a few clothing items (her belly is growing *giggle*) then we went to dinner. After dinner we hit a yummy ice cream shop and the kids and I drove back home.

I really enjoy being around Amber. She makes me laugh and giggle, and we normally have the best conversations (more than one at a time!). Despite the occasional whine from the kids or someone causing me to act ghetto “up in that” store – all was right with the world… in our little world.

The kids and I relaxed around the house on Sunday and late Monday afternoon (after doing some of their educational work) I tool them to lunch at McDonald’s and played for almost two hours. Then they wanted to go to the park and the played for a couple of hours there. They hung with me for a doctor’s appointment today and then we visited my sistah friend who fed them and let them bounce to their hearts’ content on the trampoline. Now we’re home… relaxing… and I’m enjoying the breeze of my ceiling fan. *snicker* Seriously, during the course of this week when I was melting in the 90-plus weather I noticed the breeze as well as the beauty of the world around me.


The rest of the week brings more swimming and probably some time at a fun park before they go to their dad’s. Of course, they have chores, reading and work to do, but this summer is really all about relaxing and fun.

For once, I’m not stressing (or trying not to) about posting to my blog, keeping up with all of the social media and following every email. I’ve even read a book in the past week.

I hope your summer is turning out to be enjoyable and relaxing. It’s always good to take a moment to feel the breeze, smell the rose and splash in the water.

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