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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Make your relationship stronger through coaching

Surprisingly there are many people who don’t believe in incorporating the services of a counselor into their lives to assist with problems they may be having or to help them move forward in their careers, relationships, finances, etc. When I talk to those people I often recommend they consider personal coaching because I have only had good experiences with coaches.

R.A. Leslie, a New-York based life coach and author of “Chasing Rainbows,” offers relationship coaching on a one-to-one basis either in person or over the phone. Leslie works with all sorts of clients helping them to recognize their goals, learn more about themselves and move forward in their lives.

Sometimes things seem hopeless or stuck and it helps to get a professional outside opinion. For instance, what if you’re in a relationship and you have anxiety when you need to approach your partner to discuss something important? You have the entire conversation in your head and work yourself into a frenzy before the conversation even occurs. Let me tell you something: That’s what used to happen to me in a previous relationship. I was so concerned with what his reaction would be or how the conversation would go because of past experiences with him that I wasn’t living in the moment and approaching the situation in the best way possible.

To some it may be easy to read a book or watch a show on television about that kind of thing then walk away with everything a-okay, but for the other set of us coaching can present limitless opportunities to learn more about yourself, getting out of your way and building not only a healthy relationship but a healthy life.

Give it a try or recommend it to someone you care about. Anyone can participate in coaching by either calling R.A. Leslie for phone coaching at 862-253-3149 or meet for one-on-one sessions for relationship coaching New York.

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