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Monday, June 18, 2012

How to treat facial blemishes

A few days ago I was admiring my skin in the mirror. I’ve been using my cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen regularly and was pleased to see that I’d counteracted the very fine lines that had begun to form around my eyes. However, today I was not too pleased when I randomly touched my chin and discovered a zit… uh, blemish that seemed to have sprung up in mere seconds.

What’s the best way to treat this offending protrusion?  For a lot of us the first inclination is to squeeze the offender, but that’s a definite “no no” and could cause more harm to the skin. The best thing to do is to continue cleansing your face as normal while giving the blemished area special attention.

SkinCeuticals Equalizing TonerFor those of us not prone to continual breakouts and acne we can apply an astringent, like SkinCeuticals equalizing toner, after cleansing then smooth on our moisturizer. For those prone to breakouts, you should probably seek the advice of a dermatologist.

Keep in mind that emotions, hormones and environment elements (dirt, smog, smoke) can also contribute to the health – or lack of – of your skin so it’s important to cleanse day and evening. A lot of professionals recommend light cleansers in the morning because there shouldn’t be much grime built up overnight and in the evening using a daily scrub or whatever works best for you.

Right now, I’m about to get ready for bed and peer into the mirror at the monster of a zit that has decided to invade my chin. Hopefully cleansing, applying one of my secret ingredients to the area, moisturizing and sleep will get this under control.

Do you have a regular skincare routine? Share it in the comments along with your tried-and-true method of blasting away those blemishes.



  1. Yeah, aren't we too old to be getting blemishes like that!? I'm still trying to find the right combination of products for my skin (sensitive / combination) and me (not willing to spend a lot of time or money on skin care).

  2. Not sure what exactly works best on my skin, but I've used Neutrogena (and bath soaps) for the longest and that appears to work.

  3. Exactly Melissa! Regarding cost: I almost always buy with coupon or on sale and scoring free samples helps out a lot too. I'm a skincare product fanatic so if I have the moolah I will splurge. The compliments I get about my skin are so worth it. LOL

    Now, Don, you just made me turn my lips up at you. LOL... Some men have it so easy. Glad you found what works for you though! :-)

  4. Honestly I believe it's physical activity (sports, hard work, sex) that works best on male skin. But since we still gotta wash our face we usually credit the soap. Lol.

  5. Every once in awhile I have an issue with my skin. I'm pretty lucky in that regard. My skin usually is pretty kind to me. When I do get a break out it stands out like a soar thumb. I have very fair skin. Often times it's a zit on my nose or between my eyebrows. Really noticeable. EWWW!


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