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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopping for your little fashionistas

A lot of children really don’t care too much about what they wear, but my children – from the oldest to youngest including my son – takes great pride and has unending opinions about what they put on their little bodies. When I was a child I don’t recall having near as much input into what I wore as my children have today.

For instance, recently I’ve discovered that my young daughter doesn’t really like dresses. She’ll wear them if she wants to, and if the style meets her approval, only once in awhile. So far there haven’t been many times that I’ve had to force one on her. In the spirit of “picking my own battles,” I give her choices. She prefers to wear skirts or shorts and in cooler weather she likes jeans. Oh and there are the leggings, jeggings and tunics that rank high on the list. She even knows what skinny jeans are and will request them. No, she’s not 12. She’s a few weeks shy of 5.

That’s why when I shop for my children it takes me quite a bit of time to choose the right garments. If they aren’t with me I rummage through fashions for children until I find something everyone will be happy with. (Just ‘cause I’m a pushover doesn’t mean I don’t make the choices!)

Another thing I must consider when shopping is the price versus the quality. I love designer children's clothing, but I don’t normally purchase it unless there’s a fab deal going on. That’s why when I checked out Ladida I clicked on the sale link first. After that I browsed around and clicked on two of my favorite children’s clothes designers: Bellerose and Ella Moss. They have the funky, fun designs that my middle daughter loves.

I’ve found some great kids’ fashions online, which is where I prefer to shop overall. Where do you purchase your children’s clothes?

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