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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guess what she’s having? And add your name suggestions

It hasn’t been that long since I told you I’m going to be a grandmother (you can call me Ge-Ge), but what I didn’t know at the time is what my daughter is having. She found out at her recent OB appointment that she’s having a little girl!

That’s exactly what we wanted. LOL. Yes, I said we. After finally adjusting to the knowledge that my daughter will be a mother, which will ultimately make me a grandmother (grandmother!), I’m pretty excited about the new little girl that’s coming our way.

She’ll arrive some time near the end of September and there seems to be so much to do between now and then. For Amber, there’s school and preparing for the little one and for me there’s taking care of my other three children, scheduling little people’s birthday parties and planning for the mom-to-be celebrations and everything else involved with taking care of a home and family.

Amber's sonogram You know that feeling you get when you see a precious little one who has just arrived in your family? Well then you probably already know that the feeling starts with the first time you hear or see the little one. You know, the heartbeat… the sonogram. I had the shavings of that feeling with the first ultrasound picture Amber shared with me and when I saw the most recent one the feeling got a little stronger. Especially since the little one had her hands up in the air. It appears she was waving (at me, of course!), but Amber says she was hitting at the sonogram thingy every time it was pressed against Amber’s tummy. She’s naughty and willful already. She even kept turning her face each time the technician tried to get a shot. Once when the doctor walked in she turned her head when she heard his voice and as soon as they tried to capture that shot she looked right away. 

I’m going to let you in on the fun, but don’t tell Amber or her boyfriend. I’m taking name suggestions. Amber would like to stick to a name beginning with the letter “A” and, of course, I love that idea (hence my children’s names: Amber, Andre, Amareah and Anna!). So, give it a go: What are your baby girl name suggestions? Also, if you know what the name means then include that in your comment as well.

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