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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fulfill your destiny using a life coach

Six and a half years ago I met a California-based life coach who needed an editor and writer. She was in a bit of a pickle and offered her coaching services in exchange for my editorial services. It’s probably one of the best business transactions I’ve made.

I discovered my interest in personal coaching while watching a television show and said if I had the opportunity I would definitely take advantage of it. She helped me implement changes (I’m resistant) and take better care of myself. So much so that I still remember some of the exercises and direction today. I realized that coaching can be a valuable asset to individuals and couples, which is why I pay attention when I come across information about other life coaches.

Chasing Rainbows © Contemplation MarksRecently some information was shared with me about  R.A. Leslie, a New-York based life coach and author of “Chasing Rainbows,” which is – in the author’s words – a “fantasy, where fiction is the only reality.” Leslie, who offers relationship coaching, has a way of touching individuals with her words. Wendy Vermeulen, a forensic psychologist, had this to say about “Chasing Rainbows:”

“...this book is going to whisper from the shelves of many 'read me' and it will cure so many hearts! I couldn't stop reading till my eyes were sore.. some day barriers will be broken and a mere mention of chasing rainbows will ignite a room with chitter-chatter and valuable conversation.”

It’s responses like this that reveals to me I’m not the only one moved by the work and assistance of a life coach. It is one of those things that everyone should consider trying. Having a life coach is one of the ways to ensure you’re healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Have you ever used the services of a life coach? If so, please share in the comments. If not, I’d love to hear about that as well.

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