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Monday, April 23, 2012

Perfect pick me up… for me & my hair

There are two small things – among many – that make me happy. Getting mail and winning/getting something for free. For more than a week the postman has not liked me. I’m sure that’s the reason I haven’t gotten any good mail. I always receive a much-anticipated magazine, a cool catalog, a free sample or something I’ve ordered. That so.has.not.happened lately.

Today, as I dealt with some emotions that threatened to bring me down and caused tears to trickle down my face, I didn’t expect anything too exciting to happen. I figured there wouldn’t be anything exciting in the mail and I wasn’t expecting anything. So when I heard a knock on the door I couldn’t fathom who it may be.

When I glanced through the peephole I was surprised to see one of my favorite people in the world: the UPS man. He’s been to my apartment so much, and I’ve stalked him quite frequently, that I know his name, notice him on the streets of my city and have even played Words With Friends with him. Sometimes he even stops – with a toot – for me to come out and say hello. Even though I had the phone pressed against my ear and I still smiled when I opened the door.

image He handed me a nice size box that was a bit heavy. I looked at the return address, but didn’t recognize the name. I opened the box and pulled out the entire line of Beautiful Textures. Initially, I couldn’t remember if I had entered a contest or received the products to review. I clicked around until I remembered that SimplyNaturalLanea had announced the giveaway on her YouTube channel. I had entered through her channel and Your Beautiful Hair Facebook page. (There are giveaways still going on so go and check it out.)

There are enough products in the prize package to share the Curly to Straight Flat Iron Silkener with my oldest daughter and still have plenty length for us three girls here at home. We definitely plow through products quickly. That’s what happens with three heads of beautiful natural hair. Imagine what it was like when Amber was still living at home.

An-t-way, I plan on using the products tonight because my ‘do is due some TLC and I want to share the results with you via a review. If I don’t get to do that be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see what I think about how the product worked for my hair.

Have you had any pleasant surprises lately?

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