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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Much to do about chickens

When I was growing up my mother would tell me stories about what life was like when she was a little girl. I was always fascinated by those tales of her childhood and still envision her as a little girl, the oldest daughter out of seven boys and girls, running around in the wide-open space of the country. In addition to her stories about the miles she walked to school, the change left over from 5 cents at the store and the chores she did around the house, my mom told how it was to raise chickens.

For some reason what she told me about the chickens her family had stuck with me: Images of the cocky rooster that strutted around the yard, the eggs the chickens laid, the hen house that still stood when I was a girl and everything else involved with carrying for and raising chickens still float around in my head. Those stories are probably why I’m always interested when my blogging friend Henrietta at A Hen’s Nest writes about her feathered friends.

I don’t know anything about raising or buying chickens, but I have recently learned a little more. There are actually hatcheries like where farmers, or anyone who raises chickens, can go to purchase what they need. Not only does this hatchery have Chickens for sale, but the also provide ducks, geese, game birds, juvenile birds, turkeys, hatching eggs, duck and chicken feed, poultry supplies and incubators and henhouse chicken coops. It never crossed my mind that farmers could simply go online and order all that they needed included specific types Pekin and Mallard Ducklings or the Black Copper Maran chicken.

With everything I learned about chickens from reading my friend’s blog and checking out the hatchery website, it puts an entirely new spin on the stories my mom shared.

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