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Monday, April 9, 2012

Make technology work for you

One of the things I like to do the most is read, which is not unusual for a writer. My love of reading began when I was really young and I remember having to have a dictionary handy to look up words that I was unfamiliar with. The same thing happens today, but now I don’t have to get up from my spot and interrupt my reading for long to lug a heavy dictionary around.

kindle When I’m reading something on my Kindle all I have to do is move the five-point arrow buttons and put the cursor on the word. The definition immediately pops up and I can click on it if I need additional information. It takes less than a minute and I’m able to breeze right along with my reading. Now just the other day I was reading a magazine and came across a word that I thought I knew, but wanted to verify the definition of it. Sitting right next to me was my Samsung phone and I excitedly picked it up to see if the application I recently downloaded worked.

My voice search application allows me to send texts, make calls and even search Google without even pushing a key! I said the word, which of course I don’t remember now, and the Google search page came right up. I clicked on the Wikipedia link and the definition was on the screen in just a second. This use of technology is fabulous and I’m proud of myself for embracing it.

It’s pretty easy to find an application on your phone or a program for your computer to make something you normally do a little easier. If you have an Android (I’m so loving mine), don’t ignore the little ads or information you see about them. Click through to it, read what it does and take a look at users’ reviews. Not every application I’ve come across has worked for me and if it doesn’t I just uninstall it. Simple as that. With all of these things made available to us we might as well embrace them to make life a little easier or, at the very least, a little more fun.

What gadget, application or piece of technology has made your life a little easier?

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