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Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you magazine surf too?

What’s the main thing I’ve been up to lately? Organizing. Cleaning and organizing. Although at one point in my life – like a hundred years ago – I thought organizing was a one-night stand; now I’ve discovered that it’s an ongoing affair. I’ve also discovered that although you can’t finish, so to speak, you can catch up.

Jan-May 09 155That’s what I’m in the middle of right now: catching up. The first item that’s overflowing is the “to be read” magazine pile. (That pile pictured over there <------ was from last year – and this year’s pile was waaay taller.) That always grows quickly and uncontrollably, doesn’t it? Among the assortment of papers that coming and going are the pretty, glossy, enticing  magazines. One may wonder why I don’t just stop the subscriptions or at least reduce them. Well, I did that about two years ago. I put myself on magazine restriction because I never had time to read them. Once I was all caught up and had a free second on my hand there wasn’t anything quick to read AND – most importantly – Who in their right mind can resist free subscriptions?! That’s right. Ninety-nine percent of the magazines that make it through my door I’ve procured for exactly nothing. Yup, ZERO.

Jan-May 09 288With Spring cleaning in mind, and me still going strong with my New Year’s resolutions, I’m taking one project at a time. The office, which is always in need of attention, is first on the list. A few days ago (ahem, about a week) I started reading my magazines; some dating back to November/December 2011.

What I’ve discovered during my marathon magazine session is that I don’t have to read every.single.article in its entirety. I can surf through, tear out articles or references, make notes and when I’m done I put some in the recycling pile and others in the up-cycling pile (for kids’ projects and crafts).

How do you get through your reading piles or stacks of papers? Share your easiest way to get it all organized.

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