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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Piggybank raid

One of the “bad” things about always using debit cards is the fact that I seldom have cash on me. So when someone requires a cash payment I normally go to the store to purchase something I need and get cash back. Well, the other day I didn’t feel like doing that… Okay, I must admit that I thought I had the correct change. I found out I didn’t and didn’t feel like going back out to the store especially since I didn’t need to leave for anything else.

I gathered up the cash I had and went into my kids’ rooms to raid their piggybanks. Yes, I did. But I’m happy to say that I didn’t take any money without putting money in. I took 10 one dollar bills from Amareah’s (my middle daughter) piggybank and put in a $10 bill. My youngest, poor thing, didn’t have much money in hers: a $1 bill and some coins.  And I won’t mention the fact that,Amber,  my oldest, and I think Amareah “permanently borrowed” some of her little sister’s money.

In Andre’s room I need more dollars, but he only had seven so I had to give up a $10 for the seven ones. … That just doesn’t seem fair! … I think from now on instead of just putting coins in the change bowl in my room, I’m going to have to start saving dollars when I have them.

Have you ever had to raid your kids’ piggybanks to get change for something?

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