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Friday, March 30, 2012

My fantasyland

You’re like a fantasy to me

A rainbow atop a tree

Roses growing from my lamp.

You’re the top of the hill

A pink owl on my windowsill

… times three.

I see the color red with silvery gold shooting through the air

A glance to the left I see a pink and purple bear

And there are strings of pearls growing in my hair.

The sun burst and diamonds fell from the sky

And I splashed through puddles of gold,

Next thing I knew there were silky ribbons in the air

Fluttering near my cheeks

Causing rippling in places lasting for weeks.

Somewhere near there’s an end to my dream…

It would seem. But it continues on through sea-colored foam

Pass the ugly gnome… on his throne… alone.

Before it’s all done there’s one more thing to do

finish my fantasy with you. – Petula Renee Wright

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