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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lowell Milken Center Finds Hidden Heroes

I'm always looking for new innovations in education so I've been pleased to read about a unique project that invites students throughout the United States aim for excellence. The Lowell Milken Center recently created the Discovery Award which is a win-win opportunity for parents, students and educators which motivates and inspires an entire country.

The Discovery Award is presented once yearly to a student or group of students who have identified a hero and documented the individual's actions. Each project demonstrates how that person has positively affected others' lives.

The project is voluntary which means that kids don't need to feel as though they're dragging through an assignment. Each student has the opportunity to complete the project in a manner which they choose by creating a video, website or report. The demands are high -- students must research their subject and present the documentation that proves the veracity of the presentation. On the other hand, the prizes, starting at $10,000, make the efforts worthwhile.

This is a project that sends a message to our nation's children -- "you are capable." The kids have the opportunity to meet the high expectations and the projects will educate and inspire for years to come.



  1. Nice update. This has been a problem for the kids these days. We have almost ripped off their childhood. But project like this one is good. Nothing compulsory and they will also learn to make the best use of their time.

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