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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to have a scream-worthy ice cream party

Take one birthday girl + 12 friends = a sweet, good time

Birthdays are a big deal around here so when I’m able to make a few wishes come true then I take the chance and do it. This year my middle daughter decided on an ice cream party. Now just because her birthday is in January (yes, I’m a little behind in sharing) doesn’t mean that’s going to stop us.

The key to making this party fabulous was the decorations and games. Everything had to be about ice cream. A note for other ice cream party planners: Make sure the time is in between meals so your little guests aren’t hungry!

Ever since I’ve come across Oriental Trading I’ve been itching to use their products. They have a theme for every party you can think of and they did not disappointment when it came to planning Amareah’s ice cream party for her seventh birthday.

Img_00539The perfect ice cream party needs ice creamy decorations. Check out those ice cream cones adorning the napkins and plates. And, can you see those cute little ice cream cone bowls? Each child was able to take a bowl and matching spoon home with them.Img_00531

I love how the little hanging paper balls look like scoops of vanilla ice cream and the streamers with cones at the bottom are just adorable.



An ice cream party isn’t an ice cream party without ice cream themed games. Take a look at the bean bag toss and the cone catcher thingy. The bean bag toss is so much fun that my children still play with it now and we had a fabulous time having ice cream showdowns.


photophoto 2 

Watching the children attempt to hit the ice cream cone piñata was hilarious! Of course the birthday gift went first… and missed. In fact, every child missed after that. Well, except for one of Andre’s guests who hit it once. We ended up having a family friend, who jumped in with Amber to help me out, massacre hit it for the kids. Instead of just candy there were all kinds of treats including jewelry, spinning tops, mini stuffed animals, etc

photo 3 photo 4 

photo 5 photo 6

Even though we did the piñata outside, I found confetti throughout the house for almost six weeks. Probably because I dumped most of it on Amareah!


The perfect highlight to this party was the ice cream cake with ice cream cones on it. Not only was it gorgeous, but it was absolutely, perfectly delicious!

photo 23

photo 9Below Amareah gets ready to blow out her candles, but she has to make a wish first… She closes her eyes to think… --->

photo 8


photo 16It was all worth it ‘cause of that little face right there and the happiness it showed. Amareah was so happy with the way her party turned out and that so many children came. It was definitely a scream-worthy ice cream party.        

What’s your favorite party theme?

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