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Friday, March 2, 2012

Drawing a blank

Some things have taken a serious turn for the …. duh! Yes, that’s exactly what I mean to say. Duh. That seems to be all that’s in my mind - a great, big, blank DUH.

I’m not sure when it started; maybe sometime last week. I was really busy at the beginning of last week and by the end I was petering out. We (me and Amber) took the younger kids to a birthday skating party where they had a ball. Anna is finally skating around by herself – after dragging her sister and myself, into the center of the ring to hold her up. Her big sister and brother are skating well now too. It’s funny to watch children master a skill or something. Between the pleasure and excitement on their face and the realization that they’re growing more and more into their own person is amazing.

Oh… but that’s not what this is about.

On top of the blankness that’s shooting around in my brain I have not been feeling well… sleeping well or keeping up with all of my home and parenting responsibilities well. Okay, I only missed the PTA meeting and forgot to send the field trip money to school, but those things aren’t that big, huh?

What’s really bothering me is that news! Did I mention it when I was telling you about the speed bumps? Almost at the same time as the news I received a rude awakening about some financial responsibilities that I COMPLETELY forgot about. The magnitude of those responsibilities and the complete absence of memory, so to speak, about them is baffling. It’s also daunting, disappointing and one hell of a letdown.

Here I am thinking that things are going well when, in fact, it’s pretty crappy. Financially speaking. To top that all off the stress of everything is affecting everything I do… and don’t do. And what makes the worse part worse is my constant “two seconds away from tears” issue. Everything is a throat choking, stomach clenching, warm cheek getting, eye burning, big droplets of tears moment.

All that said: Please forgive me if I seem a little distant, if I make mistakes and if I have to do paid posts. If I’m missing in action or not returning visits and comments, don’t hold it against me ‘cause it’s not my intention. In fact, I hope to just get over this huge, gigantic, mountain-sized speed bump without too much of an interruption into my daily life. (Actually that’s only the “glass is half full” side of me.)

Oh and because I can’t think of a way to end this I’m just going to say stop being a chicken and go ahead and leave a comment of my Joyful Pleasure post.



  1. Uh oh. sounds like you need to start making lists to remind you. Hope you work it all out, pally.

  2. Oh Lin, you're right... Unfortunately, the lists aren't even working. Well, they weren't working. I think it will be better... I really hope it will be.

  3. Oh Petula! You do sound so stressed. Deep breaths. Take some deep breaths. And make sure you're taking your vitamins, especially "D" around this time of year. I'm telling you, it's almost magical how much it helps with stress, energy, etc.


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