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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Underwear update!

The transitions that children go through can be either entertaining, uncomfortable, enlightening or gross experience. For instance, when your preadolescent child needs to start using deodorant; that can be pretty gross. Why? ‘Cause normally when you realize it it’s because you inhaled something offensive just as the lift their arm to hug you.

It may be a little uncomfortable to find out that your baby girl needs to wear a bra or entertaining when you realize your exuberant flasher is embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of you. I’ve experienced a couple of these transitions over the past year. One I’ll just keep to myself ‘cause I don’t wanna gross you out and I just have an aversion to talking about underarms. LOL… The other one began about this time last year. Remember when I told you about my son’s experience with boxers? If you missed it, check out my Boxers vs. Briefs post.

When my son, now 8, needed some new underwear last year I bought some regular boxers for him to try out. At first he was a little less than thrilled because “things were moving around” and he decided to wear them on top of other undies when going to bed or whatever. I finally found the tighter boxes (what in the world are those called?) and he was much more comfortable.

Eventually, without my knowing, he tried wearing the regular boxers again. One day he came out of his room with just his pants on and said, “I like them now.” He was talking about the boxers. Children’s reactions to different scenarios and experiences can be very entertaining. It’s up to us, as parents, to ensure that experiences like these are positive. They’re natural and inevitable.

I’ll forever giggle about his first reaction to wearing boxers and I can only imagine what he – and all of my children – have in store for me for the future.

What are your most memorable transitioning experiences with your children?

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