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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unchartered territory

I think it is safe to say there isn’t anyone who hasn’t experienced high ups and low, low downs that both teach you lessons about yourself, others or life in general. As you get older you may hope that life gets easier to cope with and handle, but – for some – life continues to provide serious peaks and valleys. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, interactions, activities, feelings, experiences, confrontations, executions, relationships and the contribution of others that make this ride so bumpy.

DSCF6098 For some the ride seems smooth regardless of how much they go up and down. It’s like the shock absorbers of their life are in peek condition and the road they travel never has potholes, cracks or obstacles. Actually, if you don’t know them, it may seem like the road isn’t bumpy because the vehicle looks great on the outside. When, in fact, it’s filled with trash, hatred, anxiety, sadness, depression, problems, worries… there could be an limitless list.

As I delve into unchartered (undesired and unwanted) territory, I reflect on all I’ve done, learned, loss and experienced to help me make it through. I hope my experiences keep me afloat, my knowledge keeps me ahead and my love blends it all together resulting in a smooth concoction for the next phase of life.

Being a person who is resistant to change, entering unchartered territory is an anxiety-filled occasion. My heart beats quickly, my mind wanders frequently and all I wanna do is stare out of the window, gazing at the clouds and sun while letting its warmth soothe me. Besides needing a map and a compass, I need that warmth to comfort and guide me through the unchartered territory.

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