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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

*knock, knock* Can you hear me?

I am not going to go on a ranting vent like I want to do. I won’t complain and cuss about the extreme frustration of certain individual’s inability to hear, understand, cooperate or compromise. I’m not going to talk about inconsistencies, lying, empty threats and irrational thoughts.

My time has been wasted enough.

If I say to you, “I don’t want to talk to you because you don’t listen. You order or tell me what you want to do instead of having respect for my time and life by making requests …”

And then you say, ‘I’m sorry if I’ve been disrespectful and haven’t been making requests; it’s not my intention and I really apologize.’

Then the next time – the very next day – the first chance you get to say anything you text, “I am going to do XYZ on Thursday.”

Did you ask if I was available? Have you inquired as to whether it’s even possible on that day?

No, no you didn’t.

And because I had you on speaker phone when you made your sincere apology I forwarded your text to that person for their opinion.

Their response?

“Wow, I thought [they] said sorry for coming across like that.”

Hmmm… funny, it’s not just me.

An-t-way, I’ve nothing left to say to you or about this here – in my space. I desire you to dismiss yourself, stay on your side of the fence, keep it to yourself, handle your business, talk to the hand, handle it how you want, kiss you-know-where and call it a day.

It’s a wrap, it’s done, ‘nuff said.

*deep breath*

End unvent.

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