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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just another lovely day

Over the years my excitement about Valentine’s Day has dwindled. I’m not going to go into a diatribe of my reasons because it’s not really important. It’s not even important that the day has been a little draggy, a lot cloudy and cold, and very tiring. (Although I couldn’t resist mentioning it.) But you know what is important? Giving my three little ones (including the little brat who just go into trouble) their V-day gifts.

I definitely don’t give my children gifts for Valentine’s Day because they need another trinket or candy; not even because they want it. I give my children these little tokens to show them in everyway possible how much I love, care for and think about them. So a small gift, a little candy and a cute card is a small gesture that, in the long run, will be a big deal.

Jan-May 09 563 A big deal in a way that they learn how to show others how much they care for them including verbally, etc. I did the same things with and for my oldest daughter Amber who’s now 20. Amber is one of the most loving and generous young people I know. She doesn’t hesitate to express her love through words, gifts and gestures to her family and closest friends. It’s a delight to see her in action… makes me proud, ya know?

So even though my two middle daughters have gotten in trouble several times since we’ve been home this afternoon… and my son wouldn’t stop talking between one school and the next… today is a lovely day that I’m blessed to share with my sweet children who I love so much.

The only thing missing? Amber. She’s handling her business at college and continues to make this mama proud.

Isn’t it all lovely?

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