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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

… just one of those days…. already

This morning was a little hectic. So much so that instead of running the errand I had scheduled to do this morning, I came home first to sit down for a minute, have a cup of coffee and regroup. Wait, that’s not entirely true: I came home to further clean up the kitchen after I spilled an all over myself and the floor.

It was like a geyser erupted – not to mention the hot coffee that caressed my hand… a geyser of totally perfectly prepared coffee. {deep breath}

It all started when I came out of my bedroom this morning and spotted the trail of ants going up the side of the laundry room door, across the floor next to the carpet and toward the eating area. So, I had to clean the wall then pull out the vacuum to suck up all the little irritants. ‘Cause of course my carpet is the exact color where I can’t see where they are or where they are going.

And while I’m on the ant story; why in the world are they popping up randomly around the house. One day they’ll be on a wall in the girls’ room, I annihilate that area and the next day they’re in the kids’ bathroom. Another day they were on a closet door then there were a few in my bathroom then in my closet. Each time I use a very unexpected remedy: dryer sheets. Yea, for some reason they don’t like them. Today, however, I was so annoyed that when I inspected the laundry area after carpooling and saw a few persistent pests I sprayed their little a**es.

Now here I sit, taking deep breathes and tapping into some Zen before I continue with my day. Of course now I don’t feel like running my errand, but I made a commitment to turn in some paperwork this afternoon and I have to go get it completed.

Ut oh, I just looked up and realized I haven’t fed my little red beta fish. Yup, red. LOL… If you’ve been here regularly you know that’s my favorite color. I would include a link to my red-accented apartment, but I can’t find the post. AND what in the world is that big stop sign on my blog… stop SIGNS! Oh gosh, someone help me.

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