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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gray fascination

It’s an ongoing topic, I know, but I just can’t stop talking about my hair. I’m either having a love/hate relationship with it, changing my hairstyle, growing it out, braiding it up or any and everything in between.

This time I’m amazed by my gray hairs. They have grown quite a bit since I told you about them before and I think they’re so cool. Now, haters (LOL!), if you have more gray hair than I do don’t leave naughty, little comments of disdained ‘cause your hair is sprinkled with more salt than pepper. I am really chuckling now. Just let me enjoy my moment of fascination.

I’ve had the same gray hairs with the same length for quite some time and over the past few months I’ve watched them grow. I don’t mind if they show a little in the front when I style my hair, although I’m not sure how long I’ll feel like that.

Img_00487 Img_00488








You can see about six hairs here and there is another one that sprouts from the center/top of my head. It wouldn’t show itself when I was taking pictures – it must be shy – but it’s there somewhere. I’m not sure about the back; my oldest daughter said she thinks there’s a small one back there somewhere.

I think they’re looking well; don’t you? I think so because my younger children haven’t noticed yet. As soon as they start pointing them out then I think it’ll be time to do something about it.

How are you feeling about your gray hair?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don’t miss Lauren Klein Jewelry promotions


I have admitted to you before that I have an addiction to women’s jewelry. In addition to trolling the Internet for deals and crafting some of my own pieces, I’ve found several sites that have become my favorites because of the gorgeous pieces, fabulous deals and awesome promotions.

Right now there is a Lauren Klein Jewelry promotion where if you show off a piece, on the Lauren Klein Facebook wall then you can get 15 percent off your next purchase. It’s the perfect promo because not only do you get a chance to talk about jewelry, but you get a great deal to use for yourself or to buy something for someone else. You’ll get your code emailed to you once your picture is posted. While you’re there “like” Lauren Klein and receive 15 percent off your entire order. And, if you’re a FB fan, you can get a special 20 percent coupon code for all kids’ jewelry by Lauren G. Adams.


Touch a little girl’s heart with this
Pink Enamel Silver Heart Charm Ring
by Lauren G. Adams


My brain’s Christmas vacation

As a work-from-home mom, I always love holiday breaks ‘cause I don’t have to get up and rush around from early morning ‘til late night taking care of little people. Yes, it’s difficult to get work accomplished, but I like the freedom of my days and the freedom of my brain.

I haven’t written many personal posts because my brain automatically takes a break when the vacations roll around. It’s as if I go into immediate vacation/relax mode and I can’t come up with any creative, entertaining or fact-filled posts about what my children are up to. So as Christmas draws closer, this year ends and another begins I’ll be mostly chilling and relaxing. I’m happy to have the special time with my children and even more time to myself as my little ones spend time with their big sister and visit their father.

This weekend I’ll enjoy watching them play with their gifts and try to relish in each wonderful moment despite the noise that I know will overtake my eardrums. The noisy toys, the loud talking, the rambunctious laughter… but it’s the pure joy that I’ll focus on. While I do that my brain will be gearing up for another year of writing as I make my New Year commitment to meet some personal writing goals.

How’s your regular posting going? Are you taking a vacation or plugging away?

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