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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get a quote for windshield replacement

One of the best things about the Internet is being able to quickly find a reputable company that can handle the service you need. And when you find that company their website should contain complete information about their services including prices and experience as well as be easy to navigate. Windshield Replacement Phoenix has a site that meets those standards.

With a neat and visually-appealing layout, the site provides contact information in large letters at the top of the home page and not buried at the bottom or on another page like many companies have done. It also has the deals in a visible location as well as an additional link to other offers when applicable.

Visitors to the site can quickly learn about the company – which is family owned and operated, get their auto glass quote/free online estimate, review the Auto Glass Phoenix offers, evaluate the lifetime warranty and see what types of vehicles (all of them, by the way) that the company services.  Auto Glass Repair Phoenix does replacements and repairs throughout the state of Arizona and they make it easy to get the job done by offering free mobile services wherever you are located.

The company accepts all insurances and offers $50 cash back with any insurance-approved claim. That is a fabulous deal on top of their lifetime warranty on repairs and the top-quality automotive glass products that are used on your vehicle to ensure yours and your family’s safety while on the road.

If you have damage to your windshield and you are in Arizona then it would be in your best interest to get it taken care of before it gets any worse. You can check out  the auto glass repair website for more information or stop by their Randolph Road location.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix
3001 N. Randolph Road #GF4
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday


I no longer edit my blog in Blogger, I use Windows Live Writer because I find it easier to manipulate the posts and photos. The other day I happened upon this picture, which was loaded into Blogger on December 17, 2008. It's amazing how little the children were just three years ago. Aren't they adorable?

My how they've changed:


My gorgeous babies… :-)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There’s more than one place to call home

In 1995 I moved to Georgia to begin a new life. I was a new U.S. Air Force Veteran, a recent college graduate and a young single parent of a 4-year-old daughter. Sixteen years later I still maintain a home in this southern state. Now I have three more children and quite a bit more life under my belt. One of the things life experience has made me appreciate and desire is having a comfortable, stress-free, cozy and well-equipped domicile to enter into. My current residence, the fourth since I moved her, has afforded me the opportunity to alleviate the stress of home repairs, property upkeep and emergency expenses. Instead I have concentrated on making this home. (Have you seen my decorating efforts? Check out My new life, a post that features  pictures of my decorative touches.)

But it doesn’t matter how homey it is, I still have another home – two, in fact. The city of New Castle in Delaware is where I was born and raised and a small, but growing town in Maryland is where my mom still lives. Those two states – and a few surrounding ones – hold what makes them home: my family (98 percent of them), my friends and my memories. Like the carefree walks through my suburban Delaware neighborhood to the 7-Eleven around the corner and the city park that was up the street from my grandparents’ home. And the time a deer trotted inches from my new first car as I cruised the back country roads with the windows down. I could hear the sounds of his hooves on the blacktop road as if it were yesterday. I still remember the fast food joints where I worked and the places I explored my first experiences of pleasure. I can visualize the town before video rental stores, shopping centers and fast food less than 10 minutes away.

All of that makes both Delaware and Maryland, as well as Georgia, my homes. It’s not necessarily my physical location as it is the feelings, meaning and experiences behind these places. I guess that would make the saying “home is where the heart is” true.

I wish I could find pictures of all of my homes to show you, but someone – who shall remain nameless – has not figured out how to organize the thousands of pictures we have. Where do you call home?


Self storage in the UK

The last time I moved from state to state I had to figure out where to put the items that didn’t fit into my apartment. A lot of people have the same problem, but there is a solution for that: Self storage Warrington. Safestore is the only self-storage company in the UK and it has nationwide coverage of more than 100 storage centers.

It’s the ideal place to store items that you still hold valuable and don’t want to get rid of.


Monday, November 28, 2011

What will a future Thanksgiving holiday look like?

For the past five years – give or take – my now 20-year-old daughter has prepared the holiday meals. It started off with a few of the side dishes, progressed to the turkey then the side dishes, then everything with me having assignments and now she just takes over the entire meal. I just stay out of the way and keep her company.

DSCF5743It’s quite a treat. Not only am I proud of the fact that she’s a fabulous cook – thanks to the teachings of my grandmother through me to her – but she loves to do it. I, on the other hand, haven’t enjoyed cooking for a little over four years. It appears that my love of cooking is only present when I am pregnant. No more pregnancies; no more cooking love.

I was taught the old-school way: Everything from scratch. Now I barely chop an onion or wilt spinach. Thank goodness for the easy, quick frozen veggies that are already chopped or available for steaming, among other things. Yup, I’ve turned into a lazy cooker.

This year she prepared the turkey, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, spinach pie, broccoli casserole, greens, stove top sweet potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato pie, double chocolate cake, and we also had cranberry sauce and cornbread. (I think that’s everything.)

DSCF5745Thank goodness for Amber. That got me to thinking… What will I do when she has her own family?

Simple: We all will be going to her house for dinner. Period.

In the future, I will be bringing home plastic containers and foil wrapped plates. And I’m so comfortable with that.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? What do your future Thanksgivings look like?

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