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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kick, swim and fly

As a child growing up in Delaware, I never was allowed to celebrate Halloween. I wasn’t too interested in it except for when it came to the candy and all of my friends were participating. Back in the day, parents would inform teachers of what they celebrated or didn’t and the teachers adhered to that. I believe that it teaches children to learn that they everyone is not equal, everyone does not believe the same thing and everyone doesn’t have to have the same things as others have. But, that’s another post altogether.

When I began having children I didn’t celebrate Halloween either. I let my oldest daughter dress up as Minnie Mouse one year, but that was because of  “young mom pressure.” LOL… As I got older I didn’t wane on my beliefs and we didn’t celebrate Halloween. I’d treat my daughter to something else, but no trick or treating. As she got older she would participate at her high school in their events, but her believes as taught and read on her own, stuck with her.

With three younger children who feel so much entitlement, have more close friends and a mom who is getting to old to hold out, they celebrated Halloween by getting customs, going trick or treating with their dad at a mall over the weekend and attending our neighbors’ Halloween party. Everything gathering that they do next door with the kids is full of laughs as we watch kids dance, junk food – candy of course and other games involving music.

Although I don’t celebrate Halloween, I’m still glad the children had fun at the party. And, as any other proud parent, I love how they looked in their (not scary!) customs.

My middle daughter was a beautiful mermaid princess. I would have put seashells and whatnot in her hair, but I didn’t have time or patience, but she’s still gorgeous! The most perfect mermaid ever. ;-)


 DSCF5965 DSCF5966

I know I’m not objective, but I must say my little Miss Anna is the absolutely cutest ladybug I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Nope, not biased at all. 




My strong and mighty ninja sprinted next door so quickly that I didn’t get a picture before he left. It was hard to keep up with him because his Karate dance moves were awesomely quick. His sword action superb. :-D … I just realized that I didn’t get Anna’s little red antenna in the above pics. I’ll have to get her all dressed up again to get the perfect pic.


I had to include this photo of Princess Jasmine… The pictures of her and Amareah together are just gorgeous! They are the prettiest princesses ever.


Enjoy the rest of the photos!


Family of eyeglass wearers

I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. It all started in kindergarten when my mother took me to the eye doctor and found out I have astigmatism. He said I should wear the glasses all the time, but at minimum when I am reading, doing homework and watching television. Sounded like reading glasses for old folks to me. Then, to make matters worse, my mom picked out the ugliest pair of glasses in the world. Seriously. I don’t know what she was thinking.

Mysteriously, those glasses broke. Not so mysteriously, my mom broke my butt for the lame story I came up with regarding how the glasses were broken.

Fast forward to today. I relish in my style and taste, which means I try to ensure my children are stylish as well as happy with what they wear. So, when I found out they – not including my youngest so far – needed glasses I was sure to let each of them pick out the ones they want.

And, as far as my eyes are concerned, although I don’t normally get to wear designer sunglasses I did find a pair on sale at my local superstore. It makes all those years of wearing ugly glasses worth it.

Isn’t it great? Andre is 8!

DSCF5940My sweet son is now 8 years old. It’s amazing watching him grow up. Over the past couple of years he has been working hard to act  more maturely and take responsibility for what he does. Of course, since he’s a child it’s off and on, but I am proud of him nonetheless and happy to report that there are more “ons” than “offs.”

A little over a week ago we celebrated his birthday at home. It’s a family tradition, of sorts, that if the actual birthday falls on a weekday then we do something small and possibly have a larger party. This year our neighbors came over to honor Andre’s day. Here are a few pictures:





















DSCF5955 DSCF5960







This weekend he’ll be having his party at Monkey Joes, which they are all excited about. I’ll share some pictures from that as well some time next week.

Anything exciting going on with your kiddos lately?

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