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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Past & Present Unite

A burst of original poetry, song, visual or story can happen at anytime. Sometimes you never know what or who will fuel the creative fire, but you just have to go with the flow. Here’s my most recent attempt at a little creativity. Since my muse has been sleeping for quite some time, I’m quite pleased that she woke up briefly to spend some time with me. Unfortunately, she fell asleep before she could help me finish. Let me know what you think

Decades ago there was a mysterious young man with an initial plan on his mind. It came to him when he saw a girl and only wanted to rock her world. Unexpectedly she turned out to be more than he imagined. He opened his heart and she became apart of his time, space and attention. It wasn’t one-sided, by any means, ‘cause she always wanted him around. He intrigued her, he pleased her and he moved her feet from the ground.

Under wraps where no one saw she hid her biggest fear; she worried she would lose him that he didn’t hold her dear. Four years her senior she wanted him for the long run, but – as it does – their grown-up lives took them on the run. They both experienced some happiness and, of course, some times were sad. Years passed and she asked, but his path no one knew. What she didn’t know was he often asked about her too.

Decades moved by and the surprise of proximity they learned, but it still wasn’t in the cards for them to reunite. Business, careers, spouses, children and the like, coming and going all the time. Thoughts of him drifted in and out of her brain, and when she could finally pay attention she still didn’t pursue any gain. Rejection she feared, lack of interest would be worse, but the desire to see him returned like a nagging thirst.

Just when she thought she’d only have memories to savor there was an opportunity to meet. The connection they had will always be true, but the difference in their feelings was definitely there too. They were friends from the start and will remain until the very end.

The time they spend together now is either a chance or a season. There’s a desire behind her eyes that really wants a reason. There’s no pressure, no rhythm and no plans to meet. Just two spending occasions together and not going too deep.

Will it conclude the story or begin a new chapter in their lives?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lauren Klein Jewelry promotion, donations to support breast cancer research

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Monday, October 10, 2011

My son, the artist

I’ve always been very pleased that each of my children have shown artistic abilities. My oldest daughter, Amber, has a beautiful voice and is a fabulous writer in her own right. My two young daughters are very creative artists who have a knack for creating the funniest and most interesting drawings. But it’s my son Andre, who is almost 8 and has been drawing for a couple of years, who continues to amaze me with his artistic talent. And, to my surprise, he’s very good at developing story ideas off the cuff – some that go along with his drawings and others that just come to him.

I’ve watched as his self-taught skills have improved, almost daily. He spent months drawing dragons until he perfected the one he liked and it met his approval. Then he started drawing a cartoon character (I think that’s what he calls it), which looks like a super hero and eventually perfected him. In between these two he has drawn various animals and he’s such a perfectionist that he’ll draw the same image over and over again freehanded.


Right now he’s drawing birds. He has an old book of Amber’s that is about all the states and he’s going through each one and copying the birds. He doesn’t trace – he just looks back and forth to create what he sees on the page. I’m extremely impressed with his talent and creativity, and absolutely, thoroughly proud of his ability.

(Sorry the photo at left is blurry, but I think you can get an idea of how well it’s done … especially for a 7 year old.)

DSCF5844There are a lot of times when I haven’t seen Andre and I’ll ask one of the girls what he’s doing and they’ll find him in his room drawing. (How cute!) I continue to encourage him and I don’t stop him when he decides to draw instead of doing something else. In fact, when I see something on the subject that I think will interest him I am sure to show it to him. He’s bought a book that taught about the stages of drawing different items and I read him an article about a man who is an artist and uses his talent to write comic strips and books.

(I really love how he drew the sun’s rays in the picture on the right, above – creative choice. The bird in the book – right, below – is what he was working on before he went to bed.) DSCF5846  DSCF5848







As parents it can be difficult to find the time to encourage and nurture our children’s talents and interests, but it’s important that we do. Regardless of whether my son pursues art throughout his life or if this is going to be just a hobby, I want it to be a positive experience that serves some purpose of growth and realization.

(When little Miss Anna saw me taking pictures of Andre’s current creations, she insisted I get a picture of her picture as well. I was happy to oblige. Right before she drew this abstract piece she was drawing pictures of me that we named Mrs. Potato Head.)

What habits and hobbies do your children have where they are showing natural abilities and/or true talent?


Sunday, October 9, 2011

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