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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

‘Flyin’ to the beat of 175 Cherry Lane

Exploring various types of music has been an adventurous journey that I’m truly enjoying. I’ve talked about the music of 175 Cherry Lane not too long ago and as I learn more about the album I’m intrigued at the process and mesmerized by the sounds.

There is a song, “Flyin,” which the artist KO wrote as an instrumental about eight years ago with the help of George Barker who worked with him to shape the sound of the song. “I wrote it with that ethereal feeling I get every time I visit upstate NY, especially the Lake Minnewaska and Shawungunk's area,” KO says. “After sitting with the tune I decided to add some sparse lyrics to capture the mood. The song then ended up on the "175 Cherry Lane" Collection.”

“Flyin” was the first tracks written for 175 Cherry Lane and then after a friend’s suggestion (John Braheny) KO re-cut it with a sax to replace the lead vocal. The song came full circle and right back to the original idea of an instrumental, which was mixed by Mark Rinaldi . KO says “Flyin” now has the jazz/rock fusion feel to it that some people really like and for those who really like the vocals and the story it’s on the album as well. “It's a simple song, yet gives off a powerful mood, I tried to evoke a feeling of how it would feel to really fly, something I thought about as a kid, some things you never want to let go of.”

You have to check out 175 Cherry Lane from KO on cdbaby, I’m sure you’ll find it a glorious listen just like I – the musical explorer – has.


It’s tea time… for kids!

As a journalist, and once a full-time magazine editor, I have had – and still have – constant contact with media and public relations representatives. As a freelancer I made a decision to maintain those connections and keep my contact information up-to-date in media databases. Because of that I often become aware of information that is of interest to me and that I know will be of interest to some of you.

That’s how I felt when I read a press release about Little Me Tea, an all-natural, certified organic and ready-to-drink tea just for kids. Little Me Tea is made from caffeine-free tea and herbal blends that are sweetened with fruits and vegetables, and contains less than a gram of sugar per ounce.

This tea, which was developed by an Atlanta-based mom, is inexpensive. Little Me Tea is  available in natural grocery stores throughout the Southeast in 32-ounce multi-serve containers for $4.99 or it can be purchased directly from the site. Also click by the site to learn more about the tea, its founders and the proper way to brew a cup of tea.


I’m hoping to get some in the near future for my children to try so the next time you read about it here you’ll see what my children – the best product reviewers ever – think about it.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thinking about aging and babies

Not too long ago I got to thinking about getting older. It was really just a general thought as I heard my daughter Amber, who recently celebrated her 20th birthday, talk about friends and acquaintances who were getting married and/or having babies. One of her friends who is having a little girl asked my daughter to be the child’s godmother and Amber has been really excited about baby clothes and other baby items.

It’s a little uncomfortable for me because I don’t think single young ladies that age should be having babies, but I suppose I can understand her excitement. So as she ropes me into helping her with the baby shower I’ve been thinking about the best types of gifts to get for her and to tell people she needs. One of the best things I’ve come across are the personalized baby gift baskets, which sort of solve the problem of deciding what to get. Another great idea is to get a group and everyone pitch in to by a large-ticket item.

Whatever we decide to do for the young lady, I’m sure there will be many moments when it dawns on me that I’m getting old. I guess the good part is watching a new generation take the reigns.


Basket – The Dramatic Beta…

… and the story of how he came to be…

My children want a puppy. Not surprising, right? But what may surprise you is that my answer has been NO from day one. My oldest, who’s 20 now, has wanted a dog since she was about 4 years old and each of my other three children have gotten on the dog bandwagon.

What’s my answer?


“Why can’t we have a dog?” They ask, and when their older sister is around she says, “No one is getting a dog because I couldn’t have one.”

Picture me: RME (rolling my eyes)

I explained to the little crumb snatchers that they are an expensive group of people and I’m not adding another mouth to feed. (I can hear you pet lovers groaning in the background and I’m not phased.)

Who would take care of the dog? Mommy.
Would would feed it, walk it, take it to the vet, pay for the health insurance? Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY!

My answer now: “I’m getting a dog when everyone moves out.”

That answer, my dear friends, was enough to keep them from asking again.

My compromise?

A fish. :-D

I cooled my oldest daughter’s heels with a fish as well. The challenge: Take care of the fish and we’ll see if you can get another pet, but

So I figured it worked with her and it’ll work for my son. I surprised him with a beautiful Beta fish on his birthday last year. I’ve since upgraded the tank to include a filter and light, and it’s my son’s responsibility to feed him and to let me know when the tank needs to be cleaned. (I don’t know what I was thinking; the upgrade caused me to have to carry it to the bathroom, replace filters and search out 7 watt bulbs.)

image This Beta, who my son Andre named Basket, acts like a puppy when you walk into the room. He’s flitting back and forth trying to get your attention and trying to get you to feed him – again! He doesn’t do the standard Beta unconcerned, sophisticated, slow and calm swim with an occasional flare of the fins when he gets mad. Nope. This one bounces around as if he hasn’t eaten for four days and it’s time for him to go outside to handle his business.

So imagine his exuberance when someone – the jury is still out on who – dumped a lot of food in his tank. My son approached me in a state of panic because he knows that if fish eat too much they can die. That dumb fish was eating away and we have no idea how long he had been doing that. Then he gets increasingly agitated as I remove the food from the tank.

For the rest of the day he sprinted around the tank as if he was training for a half marathon and if anyone got close he rose to the top of the water right at his feeding spot and sniffed around. Seriously.

I think my children’s bouncy nature has worn off on the Beta. So now I have three little tornado people and one drama-filled, greedy little Beta.

And that’s enough for me.

So, what’s the pet count in your house?

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