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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It’s Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Admit it: You haven’t always been courteous when talking on your cell phone. I know there are instances when  you’ve been waiting for an important call and it doesn’t come until you’re in line at the bank or somewhere else equally inappropriate. Then, to make matters worse, your phone is turned up high so you don’t miss said call. Did you get dirty looks from other customers and patrons who shook their head in irritation?

And, I know, I’ve done the same to others… especially those who – for some reason – can’t hear how loud they’re speaking. But my biggest cell phone pet peeve is customer service representatives and business owners who continue to speak on their phone even while a customer is standing at the counter. That, for me, is the ultimate definition of rude.

Business owners and their employees need to have one rule: Do speaking on phones of any kind while assisting a customer. On the off chance that there is only one employee available said employee should apologize to customer for lack of coverage and excuse themselves to take a business call. Meaning a call that came through on the company’s business line NOT there personal cell phone.

Here are my personal rules that I try to follow when it comes to cell phone usage:

  1. Keep my ringer at an acceptable level.
  2. Don’t let it ring for a long time.
  3. Send a text instead so as not to disturb those near me.
  4. And if I must take a call I make it extremely short.

Check out etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore’s blog for cell phone usage information. She is the founder of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

Do you have personal cell phone rules you follow? Tell me about them and let me know your biggest cell phone pet peeves.

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