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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 20th Birthday Celebration

Twenty years (and two days) ago I gave birth to my first child. She was a sweet baby who only fussed and screamed when no one else was around. Early on she learned to play independently managing to snag some scissors, cut up a page in my datebook and call 911 all before she was a year old. A week before her first birthday she decided to walk to her godfather and she hasn’t stopped since.

My sweet little girl who loved Barney, Barbie's, bicycles and bananas is now a grown-up young lady who still loves pink and Barbie's, but also bake scrumptious cakes, cooks a mean pot of greens in her “spare” time, which is between studying chemistry, being a fabulous friend and one of he best daughter’s in the world!

Yes, she has made her mommy proud.

Thursday, the day of her birthday, and Friday we had fun-filled, semi-lazy and full days. I’m going to share a few pictures from her birthday in the next few days or so. For now, join me in telling my Amber, Happy Birthday!


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Decorative illumination, fragrant functionality {update & product review}

Do you remember when I told you about my new life? If you missed it then take a quick look/read to catch up a bit. I posted about how I moved into an apartment, have been doing some decorating and going through the ongoing process of minimizing and organizing.

scentsy warmer

My organizing has consisted of implementing the color red into my decorating scheme. When Cari, an account executive, learned of my fetish love of all things red she tempted me with a few products from Scentsy, a home fragrance company that has decorative, wickless candles called warmers that use light bulbs to heat the wax and release its fragrance. One of the products she suggested is the Tribeca (shown here), which is part of their Wrap Collection. Don’t you just love the trendy, solid lines of it?

I immediately opened the warmer when it arrived and plugged it into the first available outlet after inserting the bulb. Then I took one of the Scent Bars and put two on top of the warmer. After flicking on the bulb with a convenient roll-type switch on the cord, the wax began to melt and released the amazing Wishing Well scent. It’s fresh, clean and subtle. I can’t wait to try the Ocean scent, but I’m really loving the Wishing Well right now.

One of the best things about the warmer is that if you want to change the scents/wax before it’s dissipated it is very easy. All you have to do is melt the wax (using the warmer of course) that’s in there then pour it back into the included mold. It will re-harden and be ready to use next time. Just put a new bar on the warmer and you’re all set to go.

Perfect, huh?

100_4783I finally found the ideal place for my warmer (because I like a place for everything and everything in its place!): I keep it next to the sink and in front of my recipe books. It gives off the perfect glow in the evening and the gentle fragrance floats about. I’ve also had it on when a different scented candle has been lit and the fragrance blends nicely.


100_4784 The warmer is a little more orangey than my other red choices around the apartment, but I think it blends nicely – everything doesn’t have to be the same exact shade.

To the left the warmer isn’t turned on, but you can see the glow (below) even when other lights are on. In the last picture you get somewhat of an idea of how it looks in the dark. (My camera isn’t that fancy so the details aren’t that great -  but you get the point, right?)



Now, let me give you a little peek at some of the other small decorate items that I’ve done since the last time. Remember the little lamp with the red shade on the entry-area table? Well, some more items have been added to the table and some pictures above it:

100_4808 100_4809







To the right of the picture of Amber and Anna, and above the “live, laugh, love” plaque, I’m going to put some wall decals – probably something with vines that trails down between the sets of pictures.  100_4812I even added some chair cushions for the eating area. Two different colors… one to draw in the colors from the living room area and ones to match the table:

100_4820 100_4821









I’m also going to be doing some other wall decals, but there are a few small ones up already. The first one is on the wall next to the door of my bedroom … it’s something I really need to remember:


And this one is above my desk in the office area:


On the organizational side of things, I’ve finally put up the hanger thingy in the laundry room for brooms, mops, etc.:












I discovered that a random table/cart that was hanging out in my eating area was perfect to help with the organization in my closet:

100_4823It’s not the cutest setup, but it has really helped in corralling the little stuff.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments whether you’ve tried or heard of Scentsy and give me your ideas on decorating and organizing. (Don’t forget to look at the other post to see what you’ve missed about the little bit of decorations.)

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I received a Scentsy Tribeca warmer and Scentsy bars for free for the purpose of this review. Any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is GNAT funny

I don’t know why every summer they have to test my patience. This summer has to be the worse. There is no fruit out. I’m trying to keep the kids’ sticky little trails off of the table and everything else they touch. I’m putting away and yelling about the wet towels – from thousands of baths and hundreds of pool visits – and still they prosper!

It’s gotten so bad that gnats are invading my person space. Why must they fly toward my face and bounce off of my cheek? Do they have to come see what I’m eating or ponder my plate if I turn away for just a little second?

This whole thing has caused a seriously crazy and frenzied cleaning, wiping and spraying fest. If I find out where the worse of them are they better watch up ‘cause I am not playing –!

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