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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updated blog roll

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had my blog roll in the sidebar of the blog. After receiving several requests for link exchanges I’ve finally updated it by moving it from an individual blog post with a link to an actual list in the sidebar.

clip_image001You can see the new one (My Blog Roll) in the sidebar – it’s under “I Belong” and “Sites I Love.” Over the next week or so I’ll be updating it some more because I’ve noticed there are some blogs that haven’t been updated in quite awhile. I’ll also be making requests from some of you for link exchanges… I’ll keep most of the widgets under “Sites I Love,” but need to make better use of my blog links.

If you’d like to exchange links, want yours removed or have changes then be sure to leave me a little comment. Thanks for visiting It’s a woman’s world! :-)


Monday, May 30, 2011

I’m a runaway

Lin, a good bloggy friend of mine, always has a joke about running away from home. Since the first time we mentioned this she and I have talked about being hobos. On Saturday night - quite abruptly - I packed up a few things, jumped in my van and drove about 90 minutes to my best friend’s home. Luckily we have an open-door policy for each other, but he immediately knew something was wrong when I showed up at his job to get keys.

image I guess the reasons for my leaving are not important, but I’m glad I did. The part I hate? Having to get back in my van and drive home. Not only are there a bunch of domestic chores that need to be handled, but I’m walking back into what I believe caused me to leave: there’s no one there.

Now I must explain that the cause and reasons are two different things… I’m happy for my brief reprieve from the sounds that reverberate in my head, but I must go home to greet my children in the morning when they return from their weekend with dad and get my house in order. In the process, I’m getting my mind and life together – again. I know it’s all so cryptic. It normally happens that way when I hold so much inside for so long.

Although I still haven’t been sleeping well because of stress and mental anguish, I am confident that I can get back on track. I’m still waiting for Lin to give me the signal for that long train-traveling, marshmallow-roasting, kerchief- and daisy duke-wearing, hobo trip, but – in the meantime – you’ll find me here being mom and blogger.


KinderCare Summer Camp filled with fun

Summer is well underway and my children are extremely excited to have fun and freedom at their fingertips. For my oldest daughter that means a break from college courses and for my other three that means no getting up early, doing homework and the privilege to stay up late.

My two middle children, ages 6 and 7, are spending a couple of weeks at home before the summer camp in our complex begins at the beginning of June. About once a week my son may get the chance to take drum lessons with his best friend. And 4-year-old Anna, my sweet girl who just celebrated her birthday, will spend a lot of time with me, possibly do a little gymnastics or dance and get to enjoy a week at our local KinderCare’s Summer Camp.

kindercare summercampKinderCare has 12 uniquely-themed, week-long summer programs that are filled with the fun of traditional camp with learning and adventure for children from pre-school to school age. This is a great program and experience for children because it’s filled with fun and education. The camp themes are Dig Ancient Egypt, Scienterrific, Spectacular Sports, Animal Antics, Gross and Gooey Science, Kids' Kitchen, Sports Smarts, Art Expo, Splish Splash!, Feats of Science™ - KNEX® Motion Machines and Wild, Wild West. That sounds like so much fun that I wouldn’t mind participating!

I’m having a tough time deciding what Anna will do during her week at KinderCare, which she’ll receive because I participated in this blog posting campaign through MomSelect. Although I know she’s crazy about animals and would love Animal Antics, she also likes to dig in the dirt, cook and draw. More than likely I’ll see what the KinderCare director at my nearest location (you can find yours here by entering your zip code) suggests and match that to what little Anna says. Check back in about six weeks or so and I’ll have an update on how Anna’s week at KinderCare was.

kindercare logo If you haven’t already decided what your children are doing this summer then check out KinderCare’s Summer Camp website to find the center closest to you and read more about the individual camp themes. You can also check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Recently, KinderCare asked a thousand U.S. parents about plans for their preschooler’s summer. Day camps earned the top rank on must-do lists and mostly everyone agreed that they want their children’s bodies and minds to remain active. Below are a few of the results from the 2011 survey:

kindercare Summer chart 2

kindercare Summer Chart 3

kindercare Summer chart

Before you go, take a moment to comment and tell me your summer plans or your favorite summertime memory. Have a safe and beautiful summer.

Disclosure: This post was written as a participant in a blog campaign from MomSelect and KinderCare Learning Centers. No monetary compensation was received, but as a participant one of my children will enjoy a free week at a local KinderCare during their summer camp program. That arrangement did not effect my opinion; any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.

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