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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Visions of glass

Lately I’ve been watching some of the HGTV shows that feature individuals who purchase homes, remodel them and put them back on the market. My favorite part of those shows is when the do the decorating. I like seeing what they choose – like the bathroom tiles, backsplashes in the kitchen, faucets, etc.

There was a husband, in a show I can’t remember the name of, who designed such a fabulous bathroom. There were his and her black, square sinks with beautiful tile through the bathroom and shower along with a sauna/spa-like tub. I absolutely love what he did and his wife was extremely pleased too. As with every design show I’ve watched, I couldn’t keep myself from picturing the beautiful bathroom with a Glass Sink.

If I ever buy another home I will definitely want one that I can personalize with all the amenities that I’ve ever dreamed of. That definitely includes Glass Sinks.


Busy week of transitions

This week, from bright and early Monday morning until now, has gone nothing like I thought it would or as planned. I’m so anxious for Friday night just because then I will know school is over for the summer, I’ll be able to sleep later some  morning and things will hopefully take on a more relaxed pace.

Let’s review what’s happened so far:

DSCF5751 Monday’s plan was to sleep late, finish up a little housework, get all of my Monday work completed (because I had the entire week’s worth of work scheduled out) and end the day with everyone going to bed on time. That didn’t  happen. The children’s father dropped Anna off (without warning or notice) in the morning because he said she shouldn’t go to school because she was sick. Now, regardless of what I have scheduled or planned, when a child gets sick on my time then I will cancel and/or rearrange what I have to do. You know, the sacrifice that mothers always make. I don’t understand why he can’t be the total parent when the children are in his care. An-t-way, luckily I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment because that’s one of the things I schedule every other Monday. I didn’t get any work completed and because I had went to bed so late because I was expecting to sleep a little late, I wasn’t very productive. At all.

DSCF5656 On Tuesday Anna stays home sick again, but that morning Amareah had her awards ceremony so  my neighbor and I – along with Anna – attended that. After the ceremony the children – the rising FIRST GRADERS! WOW! – were allowed to leave for the day. My exhaustion for the day before trickled over into Tuesday and, again, I wasn’t as productive but I did accomplish some work. Now my to-do list is officially off kilter.

Today my son had his awards ceremony. (Yes, Andre and Amareah attend the same school.) My neighbor, her husband and her daughter went as well because their son is in the same grade as mine. We attended the ceremony and laughed nearly the entire time especially after the dishwasher (we were in the cafeteria) had a malfunction and water poured from a back room right to where we were sitting. It was actually a tidal wave – give or take! By the time the ceremony is over and we get the boys checked out of school my energy is petering out. Oh, I didn’t mention that my plans to go to bed early were severely altered by an event that I’m not at liberty to discuss. Let’s just say: just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water… here comes another shark!

DSCF5659 I’m so far off of my schedule that I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing this afternoon (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday), for that matter. However, I do know that I (along with my neighbor. Woohoo!) will be going to Anna’s international day on Friday. At the end of each year, the head start ends with International Day and each class chooses a country to represent. Last year (or was it the year before?) Amareah’s class represented China. I can’t remember what country Andre’s class did two years ago so take a look at that post and see if you can tell me.

DSCF5665 And that, dear friends, is my busy week of transitions.

On the happy (nostalgic) side of things all of my babies are moving up and on. Congratulations Amber as you enter your junior year of college, congrats Andre and Amareah for passing to go to the next grades and congratulations baby Anna as you move on to public school pre-k.

I love my babies!


Keep your tween or teen from fretting the sweat


Nowadays kids are entering puberty and experiencing biological changes like producing body odor earlier than they have in years past. I’ve even noticed that in one of my children who – compared to my oldest daughter – already needs deodorant at the prepubescent stage. In fact, there is research* that solidifies that point. Unilever doesn’t want those kids to “fret the seat” so they’re offering a variety of products that can help tweens and teens to stay cool, calm, comfortable and confident all day long.

Like “Don’t fret the sweat” on Facebook to find out more information.

*Marcia E. Herman-Giddens, Eric J. Slora, Richard C. Wasserman, Carlos J. Bourdony, Manju V. Bhapkar, Gary G. Koch, and Cynthia M. Hasemeier. Secondary Sexual Characteristics and Menses in Young Girls Seen in Office Practice: A Study from the Pediatric Research in Office Settings Network; Pediatrics, Apr 1997; 99: 505 - 512. University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill (2001, September 18). Research: U.S. Boys Also Reaching Puberty Earlier Than In Past.

Disclosure: I’m posting this as a  participant in a One2One Network posting campaign to be eligible to win cool prices. Any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get ready for movie night

One of my favorite things to do is rent movies, and I really enjoy a good movie in the comfort of my own home – especially when laying in my bed. It’s the perfect weekend treat. You can get a free rental from Redbox if you click my link, and I’ll get a free rental too!

Go ahead, click right now and get ready for a movie night.


Monday, May 16, 2011

What questions do you have about relationships?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TwoOfUs for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most of us who have been in relationships or who are still in relationships know that maintaining them can be a little hard work. What do we do when we have questions about our relationships, which we don't want to ask our friends and family? There's one place that I've visited that has all sorts of tips on keeping your relationship fresh.

At you'll find information on the various stages of relationships including dating, engaged and marriage. There is even relationship advice for parents and those who are in an exclusive dating relationship. Visitors to the site can read the numerous articles, take quizzes to understand themselves and the relationship they're in as well as watch relevant videos including one featuring CSI: NY actor and author Hill Harper. In the video Harper shares information about Conversation Parties, which involve inviting a group of people - both men and women - who come together and address relationship questions that the party goers have.

Harper explains that we don't often get the time to have true conversations because we're so busy in the virtual world, but coming together as a group and in person can help build better relationships. Especially when it comes to get others' perspectives. The idea of a conversation party appeals to me because when there are relationship issues I'd like to discuss or questions I have about the opposite sex I normally turn to my friends for answers.

What questions do you have about relationships? Is there a common question that you haven't gotten answers to? Share your questions in the comment section. Also, when you're finished here, take a moment to like on Facebook.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pictures from the party

Last week I gave you a little peek at the party I had for my three young children. Here are the other pictures I promised:
The boys played outside for most of the time. Here’s Andre (center) with his best friend who lives next door. The little guy is actually Anna’s guest (her “boyfriend,” she says, from school)  for the birthday party but during the tea party he gets to hang out with the big boys.
100_1419 The girls took their seats to get ready for their tea party. The began enjoying the cupcakes (in various sizes and flavors) while they waited for the tea.
100_1422 100_1423

We talked about the different types of tea pots, cups and even how different cultures enjoy tea. I also allowed them to taste the tea at different stages. They tasted it black and nothing in it. No one liked it that way! They all tasted it with just one scoop of sugar and thought it wasn’t sweet enough. Then they all tasted it with two scoops and determined it was best that way. One little girl only wants sugar in hers and the rest of the young ladies want theirs with two scoops of sugar and a fair amount of cream.
Oh, we also discovered that most of the girls had never had hot tea before and we also talked about proper etiquette. They haven’t quite mastered keeping napkins on their laps. LOL…
We didn’t spend much time talking about it and I ended by saying, “Now you know how you like your tea prepared.” And I reviewed what everyone liked. It was fun seeing their faces when I said that. It was a, ‘Yea, I know how I like tea!”
Everyone enjoyed the fruit, veggies and snacks, which were very yummy!
Even our littlest princess got a crown and everyone of the big kids went home with treat bags specifically made for boys and girls!
I think we captured most of the gang here although I don’t see a couple of our smaller guests!
Here’s Amareah (on the left) with her BFF from next door. Aren’t they beautiful?

More pictures in the album below.
And, finally, here are Anna’s birthday pictures:
    100_1488 100_1489 Anna picked out her cake – she loves the confetti!
I love the look on her face as she glances at me when everyone is singing happy birthday. It’s funny that she loves attention, but when the focus is all on her she gets bashful. :-)
100_1490  When they were finished singing happy birthday, I sang the part of “I’m four years old” and added “almost” at the end of every verse. Everyone thought this was cute especially since I raised Anna’s hand every time she I said almost.
All the kids enjoyed Anna opening her gifts. And, since I know my children, I always confiscate new toys because after the party is over they want to open and play with them alone.
 100_1496  100_1499
100_1501 100_1504

One final hug to Anna’s little friend.

And we my neighbor could not leave the tea party hostess out of the gift-giving fun. Amareah received her own little porcelain tea set.

Oh… and we can’t forget the hostess. Me. Against my wishes my neighbor insisted on getting a picture of me. BTW: Thanks Melissa for taking all of the pictures. These moments would not be captured if it weren’t for you.
And because I couldn’t resist when I saw it, here’s a picture of Anna two years ago! Aahhhh!
Anna's 2nd birthday 002
Happy Birthday Big Girl!
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