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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just like family

Sixteen years ago (really?! wow!) I moved myself and my daughter to the Atlanta area. It didn’t seem odd or scary for me to move to a city where I didn’t really know anyone or have family because I had been living in Upstate New York for seven years with mainly myself to rely on.

In fact, my family slogan, which I told my daughter, “It’s me and you against the world.” I was relaying that regardless of what happens, what we go through and what needs to be done we’ll always have each other. When I got married in 2002 my circle expanded a little, but I was still on an island with only my family without consistence, genuine interaction and help from his family. The sense of family (the” in laws”) I had totally disappeared when we separated in 2007 and divorced in 2009. The island became really deserted; only this time I had three small children and a teenager who jumped back into the “me and you” role immediately.

It appears married women who were supposedly my friends don’t want to be around a single, divorced mom. (I guess I am going to steal all of their husbands.) That makes for a really lonely existence, but as a mom and a woman I handle my business. And when I moved from my house to an apartment I didn’t expect life or my circle of friends to change.

Of course it’s different for the children who quickly made friends with two children next door. I scoped out these new friends through the window. Checking to see how they played, talked, shared, etc. My three and their two immediately developed a bond and invited each other into their apartments. ‘Wait,’ I said, ‘you gotta ask your mom’ and to mine I said, ‘No, wait for them outside.’

image A couple of more days/weeks passed and the children next door were allowed to come and their mom came over to make sure it’s okay. A few inquires about bandages, falls, scrapes, snacks and the like – all pretty much orchestrated by the kids – led to my interacting with the couple next door.

The result? I so love and appreciate them. Having them next door is like having a sister, a brother, a nephew and a niece. They’re such a “cute” (that’s so not the right word!) couple and the kids are wonderful. I am a little amazed because I can be antisocial, but – more than that – I just don’t let my children converge on someone else or invade their space. Thanks to those little people we finally have family.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shopping for Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am not one to get caught up in designer clothes and accessories, but I do know what I like and when I find something that’s a good deal or hard to find I have to talk about it or grab it for myself.

One of the designers I like is marc by marc jacobs and Bluefly, which is “the ultimate hookup for the fashion obsessed,” is a great place to find all things marc. There are hot sunglasses, stylish scarves, printed totes and large wallets, which are all priced just right for the discerning shopper.

I must admit that I have a weakness for handbags. I’m not one to just purchase a bag because I like it or because it’s a good deal; it has to go along with a craving for a handbag. The handbag craving goes like this: I use one most-loved bag everyday for weeks or months then I try to use another bag that I already have and it doesn’t work right. I may try another one before I get it in my head that I must have a different bag. It has to be better, roomier, a different color or brand… whatever my brain comes up with. That’s the handbag craving, which is currently brewing like crazy inside of me.

That’s why when I happened upon some marc jacobs handbags at Bluefly I had to troll around for a bit to see what they had, and I when came across a blue violet leather turnlock satchel my mouth started to water. It wasn’t exactly the price I would pay, but I know where it is if I change my mind!

Even if you’re not into marc by marc jacobs, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for regardless of who your favorite designer is. Happy shopping.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Did you know it’s Physical Wellness Month?

For quite a few weeks months I have been anti-exercise. My emotional health has effected my physical health. It’s not something I’m proud of – it just is. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have ideas and knowledge about getting physically fit and adding movement to your life.

One of my favorite things to do is dance with my children? When one of our favorite songs come on we all hit the dance floor (kitchen, living room… bedroom floor!) and get our boogie on. LOL, I like the word boogie.

My teen and I like to do the Beyonce booty bounce to her Single Ladies song… the remix is like an hour long – yea, I don’t know how long, which causes a raise in the heart rate and sweat factor. It’s fun too!

Me and the children will dance to anything, but one of our favorites is Miley’s Party in the USA. Turn it up and see how your kids react… My girls love to do the moves that I came up with for our own special choreography and I’m still developing my son’s moves ‘cause there’s no way he should be fluttering, gyrating and flipping his hair!

There ya have it. Add some movement into your day to keep up your physical wellness and have fun while you’re doing it. What do you do to keep the fun in the physical?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Supporting a worthy cause

It’s no secret around these parts that I am extremely proud of my daughter Amber. She is really a ray of sunshine and she’s a caring, loving and selfless person. Sometimes she surprises me with how selfless she is and that surprise – for lack of a better word – came up when she asked me to come down to her school for Relay for Life.

relay for life Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s event to raise money for cancer research and to make a difference in the lives of those who have it, have had it and their loved ones. Amber explained to me that the Relay for Life goes on throughout the night because cancer doesn’t sleep… it doesn’t take a break. So true, I realized. Cancer, for me, has always been on the outskirts of my brain and that’s where I like to keep it. I guess it’s denial.

Years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which – simply put – is a cancer of the bone. If you’re new to my blog then take a moment to read up on my health and weight loss journal posts for a little of my health background. I don’t think of myself as having cancer and I don’t say I have cancer. I just don’t believe in labeling myself that way. I do say I have been diagnosed and the doctors believe I am in remission. I’m telling you all of that because when Amber told me about Relay for Life she also asked me to come down to walk with her during that weekend event and to write a post about it.

Of course I’d write the post ‘cause she’s my baby and it’s a good cause. When I went to her team page where it explains about the event and cause as well as requests support and donations, I was inspired to join in. (Yes, please click the donations link to support the cause and help Amber raise money for Relay for Life. Thanks.) Now, I’m not just going to support my daughter and walk with her, I’m apart of her Relay for Life team to support the American Cancer Society as a survivor. And that’s okay.

As a matter of fact, that’s fabulous.

Let’s all get together and support a worthy cause. It may not be American Cancer Society; it may be the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which my little girl Anna raised money for during the Trik-a-thon at her school or the March of Dimes that my two middle children are collecting money for. In fact, my BFF in Maryland walked in support of the March of Dimes today.

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