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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Savor memories with photobooks

I’ve been a parent for about 20 years and during that time I’ve accumulated so many pictures, snapshots and children’s artwork. It has gotten to the point where I don’t know what to do with it all. That was until I learned that a lot of people – parents in particular – are taking pictures of children’s artwork and other items then storing those photos digitally. Now what to do with them once they’re digital? I, for one, would like to be able to enjoy them and share them with other people that’s why I think photobooks are an ideal option.

As my children get older there are a lot of special occasions – graduations, weddings, etc. – that are going to call for a special touch. Quite a few  companies offer photobook  services, but there’s one that is taking consumer and professional photos of special occasions and making premium photobooks to enjoy and share as coffee table albums.

This UK-based company, which ships internationally, specializes in special occasions like what I’ve mentioned and including anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs and christenings. They offer “Premium Photobooks, Not Premium Prices” of books that are professionally designed and printed. I would be proud to  display and share a coffee table album and I wish I had one of my oldest daughter’s high school graduation. With four children, I’ll have many special occasions to have professionally preserved.


Friday, April 1, 2011

My little fashionista is at it again! Please vote for her…

My 6-year-old daughter Amareah has her own fashion sense already. Sometimes I turn the direction she’s going in a little, but for the most part I let her sow her taste. It’s become even more apparent when she was able to design a dress from a blog contest I won where I got a gift code for FashionPlaytes.

DSCF4660 After she received her dress she immediately wanted to design another one or a different item.(Please check out the post where I shared our FashionPlaytes experience.)  That’s why when I saw that FashionPlaytes on Facebook was having a design contest I knew she would be interested. This afternoon, she and I spent an hour or so designing a t-shirt for her to enter into the contest.

I explained that the shirt should be colorful and asked what she would want on the shirt, what it should say, what colors she wanted to use, etc. It was so fun to see her mind work as I made suggestions and asked her about colors and design. All the colors of her design as well as the items used were her idea. I’m pretty proud of how we worked together and enjoyed that moment today.

DSCF5697 I am one pretty proud mama, which is one of the reasons I wanted to share it with you. The other reason is I’m helping Amareah get votes on her design on Facebook. Amareah would really be happy (and so would I!) if all of you will vote for her Peace Love Flower Power design.


I’m having fun @ the Ultimate Blog Party

This will be the third year that I’ve gotten in on the fun at 5 Minutes for Mom during their Ultimate Blog Party. Each year the party gets bigger, better and fancier. There are prizes, sponsorship opportunities, link up, Twitter updates, socializing and blog hopping. I guess that about sums it up. I must admit that I get a little intimidated and overwhelmed with all that’s going on so I try to read and pay attention as best as I can, and I still enjoy myself.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I’ve noticed that a lot of the ladies (it just dawned on me that I haven’t happened upon any male bloggers during the Ultimate Blog Party) are doing video posts this year. I haven’t advanced that far yet, but hopefully one day you’ll pop over and see all the antics of my children live, with sound and in color.

Note: The links you see throughout are to other posts I’ve written that tell more about what I’ve written in the paragraph.

About me

DSCF5015 I like just writing because that’s one thing I’m used to… I’m a writer; a journalist by trade. I happened upon blogging about four years ago when someone suggested I take a book idea and start a blog. I never finished that particular book or kept up the blog – although it’s still lurking out there – because it was such a narrow topic and I wanted something a little more diverse to satisfy my multiple interests. That’s how It’s a woman’s world! was born. One of the things I’m trying to make room for on a regular basis is me as a WOMAN. Not as a blogger, a writer, a mom… Just a woman. Nice clothes, natural makeup, time to do my nails and get my hair done; a social life, an intimate life… You know, more and complete and balanced. Understand?

About this blog

DSCF4827 DSCF4830

I write product and book reviews, paid posts (‘cause I gotta make some moolah), creative and random writings, updates on my children and my health and few other things here and there. I really enjoy blogging and all of the friends that I’ve made over the past few years. I love receiving comments and feedback, and being connected to a loving and strong (virtual) community.

 About my children


My children are the largest part of my life. Well, like most moms. I have two generations of children: My oldest daughter, Amber, is a few months from 20 years old. Then there is 7-year-old Andre (my only son), Amareah who is 6 and my little baby Anna who is almost 4. I say my “little baby” because I call Amber my baby. :-) Parenting multigenerational children has been quite a challenge. There are times when it seems normal, but – nine times out of 10 – as soon as I get used to routines, attitudes, circumstances it changes. That’s the nature of being a mom, right?

DSCF4554Now that you’ve learned a little about me I’d love to know about you. Leave a comment and let me know you came by. I’m glad you came to the party.

By the way, before you go, check out my party post from last year.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seven facts about me

My friend Melissa at Frugal Creativity is one of the sweetest women I know so when she tagged me with the 7 Facts Award I was excited to do it. Why? ‘Cause it could only mean two things: 1) She wants to know more about me. 2) She likes me. LOL

Thanks Melissa!

image Here are the rules:

1- Copy the Award Picture and add it to your blog
2- Thank and Link back to the person who awarded it to you
3- Share 7 Facts about yourself
4- Give 15 other bloggers this award

Seven facts about myself? Hmmm… Let me see if I can think of some things I haven’t already told you or something you may have forgotten:

  1. I have a personal rule that I do not date men named Mark. Seems silly, right? Well, my first love’s name is Mark. My oldest daughter’s father’s name is Mark. I recall there being another Mark reason, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is. Subconscious amnesia?
  2. I’ve given birth to two preemies and two full-term babies. Two 4 pounds and something and two 6 pounds and something.
  3. All of my best friends have been men. I had a couple (yup, probably only two) of close girlfriends in high school and the two closest female friends I have now I’ve only known for less than a year and six years. My best friends (x 3 guys) I’ve known for more than 20 years and we talk/communicate on a regular basis.
  4. I don’t normally know the names of people who live right next door to me.
  5. When I was in elementary school I was a bully. Sorry if that offends or bothers some; I know that’s a serious topic nowadays.
  6. I am tired of reading non-fiction books. I have loved to read since I was old enough to sound out a word. It’s time to get back to enjoying some good novels just for the fun of it.
  7. In a way, I’ve always been a little insecure—or is that self depreciating? Only my closest friends (and my oldest daughter) know how critical I am of myself and the reactions of others toward me. That includes when no one leaves comments on my posts. {Embarrassed guffaw-snort-giggle.}

Now this is the part of these little thingies that are hard for me. Who to pass it on to? I always normally never rarely tag as many people as it says to, but I’ll do my best:

  1. I have to tag Lin of Duck and Wheel with String because she really loves to do these. {Evil giggle.}
  2. Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog because she is just a doggone fun and interesting person.
  3. The Minus the Bars star Don who writes the most compelling posts.
  4. One fabulous writer Diane Estrella who’s funny, knowledgeable and extra caring.
  5. TwillyPop because I just have to know more about her ‘cause she creates such beauty.
  6. My daughter Amber who is the newbie – and currently inactive – blogger of SunniSweets. Maybe this’ll draw her out!
  7. One of my first blogging friend, Tammy, at Mom Knows Everything. I’ll always love her!
  8. The most gorgeous bloggers I know: Tina at Mummy Diaries.

Well, that’s all I can come up with right now… My eyes are swinty and burning from going to bed late each night so I’m gonna turn in. Before you go, I’d love to see your 7 things – comment below or post on your blog.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let’s Do Lunch by Roger Troy Wilson {book review}

Just today I finished reading Let’s Do Lunch by Roger Troy Wilson. It’s been so long since I received the book that I forgot I didn’t actually finish it and do the review. (Shame on me!) When I picked it up for the second time I remember how I felt when I first saw it: Intrigue and interest.

Wilson didn’t disappoint me. He starts with a touching dedication to the brother he loss, explains cautions before starting this program and explains exactly what the plan is. By the time I was finished reading the book, I was sold. In my opinion, Let’s Do Lunch: Eating calories and carbs you want to lose weight! is a (semi) easy-to-follow and doable plan.


The author, who at one point weighed 425 pounds and had a 5-foot waist, had experimented with different foods and eating plans until he found a fun way of losing weight easily. A plan that is the complete opposite of most diets: With his plan he lost 230 pounds and 24 inches from his waist. His success is evident by the years he’s maintained this loss.

Wilson maintains that his plan is not what you think it is. He says you’ll get to eat all the foods you love whenever you are hungry and eat until you are full. There is no exercise required, no pills to take, nothing to count, no math skills needed and no meetings to attend. Sounds unbelievable, right? According to Wilson, “… because Let’s Do Lunch foods stabilize your blood sugar, your body forces you to become less and less hungry with each passing day.”

As I read the book I became more and more convinced. His suggestions  make sense and it’s the way he puts the plan together that’s different. One of the best parts about the plan is  he has an answer and solution for every concern or pitfall you may encounter. The best part for me is that I get to eat tons of fruit, which I love, until I can’t eat anymore. The worse part about it is minimizing breads, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, nuts, chocolate, muffins… which I also sigh. The good part is that eventually my craving for those types of things will abate.

To get started, Wilson has included a shopping list, recipes, suggestions, testimonials, questions & answers, and a 14-day meal guide for those who need more specifics, among other things. There is also information on how to access’s message boards to interact with others who are using the same plan.

I’m actually going to test this plan out for myself…  I’ll post my success (yes, thinking positively) here in about four weeks. If you’ve read this book or started the plan, share your experience with us here in the comments.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze® book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. For more information review my complete policy.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Introducing bareMinerals Skincare launch

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to experience bareMinerals revolutionary new skincare line that is powered by their proprietary ingredient RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex. It’s clinically proven to deliver younger-looking skin that’s bright and beautiful, which is the bareMinerals Naturally Luminous glow is famous for.

I’ve tried the bareMinerals products before so I’m fairly confident that the skincare line will be just as fabulous. So far, I think my favorite product from the new line is going to be the Pure Transformation Night Treatment. It has a clinically proven formula that will, among other things, visibly reduce pores and increase firmness – that’s two things that I definitely need.

Take a look at the bareMinerals Skincare site and leave me a comment telling me which new product you’d like to try.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this post in conjunction with a MuseFuse campaign. This post is my entry at a chance to receive the new bareMinerals Skincare line.


Heard on the radio…

imageDuring my carpooling this morning I heard the deejays talking about a woman who had returned something to a store. The clerk at the store was rude and nasty to her, but still credited the lady’s account with $50… well, sorta. She accidentally credited her account with $500.

The customer felt she should keep the money because it wasn’t her fault and the clerk was nasty and incompetent. Her husband disagreed and thought she should give the money back.

What would you do?


Scrub-a-dub dub

Last week I went to a wellness spa in a strip mall I hadn’t visited before. My daughter had the van so I browsed around to see what other shops were there and was surprised to find a store that sold scrubs. Since I’m not in the medical field I’ve never had a need for purchasing scrubs and never realized where they can be purchased. This store had all sorts of styles and colors, which I thought was pretty cool because it means that the people who wear them have more than one or two choices.

There are also Internet sites that specialize in scrubs including nursing scrubs and lab coats. I am sure that it makes patients more comfortable when they encounter a nurse, technician or office personnel in appealing scrubs. I’ve noticed how my children react to the nurses at the pediatrician when they have on uniforms that are emblazoned with funny or familiar characters. They engage more with them and the children definitely seem more comfortable. The same works for adults, I’m sure.

For those who prefer and need something a little less stylish, so to speak, it is just as easy to find green scrubs or plain lab coats as it is to find scrub hats and caps with flowers, polka dots, cupcakes and a variety of other” tasty-looking” choices. Even with all that fanciness going on it’s not difficult to find cheap scrubs either.

Have you seen a medical professional in a spiffy looking uniform or appealing scrubs? Share what you thought about it. If you haven’t, let me know if you would like to see the nurse at your regular physician’s office in something a little more colorful.


Monday, March 28, 2011

3 Things Your Hair Journey Reveals About You

If there’s one thing that women everywhere are always talking about it’s their hair. Articles are written about it in magazines and online, women spend hundreds of dollars each month on products and salon trips, they seek advice from their girlfriends and will die, fry and slap it to the side (yes, I know, cliché) to find a style they love.

Honestly, for years I’ve trolled the Internet and magazines about natural hair care - always looking for that perfect style or miraculous advice. I adore wearing my hair in its natural state, but I still want it to look a certain way and I’m not always pleased with how it looks. Hence the reason I change my hair so much, but as I approach my 50s (this post was revised on August 18, 2016) I think I have finally decided on the natural style that I am proud of, that looks good on me and that represents a bit of my personality.

It has taken years to get to this point... let's review my hair history:

I started wearing a Jheri curl (okay, try not to laugh and tease me) when I was in middle school. Before that, I was getting my hair straightened with a hot comb and afterward I started getting a relaxer. Again, making my hair straight. As a young black girl in the 1970s, it was acceptable to wear braids, but as one grows it’s almost expected to straighten your hair. I have since learned that it really depends on where you live and how you grew up. I have a friend who was born the same year and her young hair experiences were totally different.

I kept a relaxer for about 11 years and “went natural” in 1996. I started wearing two-strand twists and then decided to let my hair lock. I grew my dreadlocks for a little over 11 years and ended up cutting them and having my oldest daughter comb them out. The main reason I cut them off was they no longer looked as neat at the roots and at my hairline as I would like. 

Petula's headshot
This is a headshot that was taken for Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine.
It's about 5 years into my loc journey.
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