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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating my beauty’s 6th birthday

With a daughter who is almost 20 years old I had forgotten what it’s like to experience the growth and changes of a little girl. The fun, joy and ultra feminism of it all swept over me yesterday when my middle daughter celebrated her 6th birthday.

Because of major changes happening to us as a family, Amareah and I decided (yes, I discussed it with the little lady) that we would have the family cupcake and ice cream celebration on the actual day of her birthday, which was yesterday, and plan the requested tea party for early February.

DSCF5507DSCF5510My daughter, who can be the biggest ray of sunshine, had been hopping around all week in excitement so when she came in from school we “got the party started.” She maturely requested a healthy after-school snack first – an apple – and sat at the table in anticipation of gifts, laughing and, of course, the sweet treats.









  DSCF5512     DSCF5519  DSCF5522  DSCF5524 DSCF5526


Notice the cupcake icing around their lips, which they’re oblivious to. :-)











Happy birthday to mommy’s beautiful sunflower, I look forward to celebrating many more girly birthdays with you. I love you!


Before you go (and after you comment – LOL) take a look at
Amareah’s birthday pictures from last year.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh my goodness, that was hard … but I still feel free!

I keep alluding to some changes that are going on around here, and the fact that my New Year’s commitment is to organize and minimize. Well, things have started to roll and it’s welcoming and terrifying all at the same time.

Last night I went into my office with the intention of filing and throwing away some more papers. I stood in front of my desk, shuffled a few papers, glanced at a few things and walked right out of the room. There is so much paper in there! Where did it all come from?

I sent a text message to my good friend Elaina and said, ‘I’m overwhelmed with trying to get rid of and organize all that paper. I need your help!"’ After she called me a hoarder, she promised to come to my rescue today and warned me to be ready for a major clean-up effort.

Today, true to her word, she came over and we started with my business files. I won’t go into all the gory details including her exasperation over my reasoning for keeping certain records, but I will tell you it was a major success. But it was hard.

DSCF5511 Time ran out today and as Elaina went to do the afternoon carpooling for me I promised to corral all the papers that were being discarded, bag them and have them prepared for disposal. I thought it would be easy, but it took great willpower not to take one last look at the papers and rescue some that had been mistakenly thrown away.

The result is – of course – Zen-like, Feng Shui freedom. Those drawers at left were filled front to back with files; about 40 or so, I’d say. The amount that was kept? Just about 10 files.

After I finish all of the organizing and minimizing I’ll be ready to share my secret with you… Come back at the end of the week – the 28th – and I’ll reveal my news.

Wish me luck on the rest of the organizing… how are your New Year resolutions and commitments going?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

My little spot on Etsy: Jewelry World

image Do you remember when I shared my semi-secret desire to make jewelry and asked your opinion on a couple of my necklaces? Well, I recently started my Etsy shop called Jewelry World. I originally wanted to wait until I had tons (or at least a dozen) pieces ready to sell, but I finally realized that if I waited I may never open the shop. So, I opened instead of running the risk of only making jewelry for myself as well as family and friends as gifts. :-)

Now I’m sharing it with you. There are two/three pieces (one is a set)  available for purchase and I’d love for you to check them out and let me know what you think. If you like what you see feel free to make a purchase. Hey, no shame in my game!

I have a couple of ideas brewing around in my head and I hope to get them out of my head very soon. By the way, if you make jewelry or any handmade product for that matter, how do you go from idea to fruition? Do you draw or sketch your ideas then execute or just go for it?

Thanks for your input… and I look forward to seeing you all around my world!

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