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Friday, January 7, 2011

Healing power of love

If laughter is the best medicine then love must be the second best. For a brief moment today my stress hormone elevated because of another person’s irrational and illogical reasoning. For me stress magnifies the chronic pain I experience and it feels like it’s coursing through my muscles and bones.

Although I was angry and annoyed, I did try to (somewhat)  minimize my outburst and reaction. A little while after the stress-inducing incident, I sat in the  carpool lane with my youngest child, Anna. Sometimes when we’re waiting at the elementary school or sitting at a light, I’ll reach back to the second row to rub her leg or hold her hand and stroke her little fingers. Today, I reached back, touched her hand and reveled in the soft, sweetness of her skin. She glanced down and turned back to look out the window.

“I love you,” I said. There wasn’t even a pause as she said, “I love you too” around the  thumb in her mouth. I was going to pull away, but she held onto my hand and stroked it. Tears came to my eyes as my youngest child unknowingly comforted me. In that one stroke of her little fingers and the muffled professed love I felt lifted again. And the stress sort of oozed from me.

That one moment made a huge difference in restoring my day to the relaxing, peaceful experience it was before the negative encounter. It got me to thinking that if I can surround myself with people who truly love me, care for me and desire to make sure I get better then the road to recovery (and remission!) will be much easier.

My challenge to you is get in touch with someone who is dealing with something extremely difficult in their life – death, disease, illness, financial stress – and show them a little love. It can be a note, card, phone call, email, hug, etc., but believe me it’ll make a difference. You may never know the impact you’ll have – just like my daughter doesn’t know – but it will make a difference. Genuine love is healing.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Save your skin from winter weather {product review}

I don’t know about you, but I’m really picky about my skin. If you were to visit my bedroom you’d see a plethora of body lotions and creams (right now I have about 12 kinds. Seriously!) as well as a few moisturizers for my face. I have a fairly strict regimen for moisturizing, which I believe has kept me youthful looking with mostly trouble-free skin.

image Most importantly among the regimen is how I treat my face. I have combination skin that tends to be a little on the sensitive side and I like to use skincare products that are gentle, moisturizing without being greasy and with a slight pleasant fragrance. Right now I’m using Pond’s to moisturize my face at night (Pond’s is one of those old-school products that have proved to be tried-and-true) and in the daytime I use Sensé daytime protective emulsion and Sensé hydrating toner. Right now these two products are at the top of my must-have beauty products’ list.image

Over the years I’ve used a variety of different skincare products including various toners. I was surprised that the Sensé hydrating toner didn’t tingle. Because of that I thought it didn’t really work; that wasn’t the case at all. It went on smooth and cool adding a refreshing, clean feeling to my skin. The emulsion is light enough not to cause oily skin and potent enough to withstand dry skin… I know that because I have combination skin and my skin is very even regardless of the temperature.

According to the company, the emulsion is made to help fortify the skin against sun damage and the toner is to help prepare the skin to receive Sensé moisturizers, remove lingering debris, smooth the skin’s pH balance, and refines and minimizes the appearance of pores.

I like these products so much that I went to the Sensé site,, to see what other products are available. They have a full line including cleansers, creams, polishers, masques and more. If the rest of the products are as fabulous as the two I tried then this line is a definite hit. What caveat, in my opinion, are the prices. The emulsion is $39 and the toner is $15.54. That seems  a little out of my budget, but – if you think about it – you get what you pay for. I’ve been using the two products for more than 30 days and I still have some left so you do the math and see if it’s an investment that you’d like to make.

Oh, and one final plus is the products have a unique self-preserving formula that doesn’t have any added chemical preservatives and is suitable for all skin types. Good, right?

Check Sensé out on their site and let me know what you think; it may be just the product you need to protect your skin from the hazards of winter weather.

Disclosure: I received Sensé products to facilitate my review, but that in no way influenced my opinions – those are my own. No other compensation was received.  More information can be found in my complete disclosure policy.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My little ladybug with her ladybug {Wordless Wednesday}


DSCF5473 DSCF5476

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Monday, January 3, 2011

It’s so real

I went in today for my Zometa treatment (oh, to make this easier to understand: It’s specifically to prevent bone fractures) and learned that I’ll have to do it once a month – at least for now. I sat down in the chair in the oncology/hematology clinic and looked around me. There were people, mostly men, hooked to IVs and getting treatments. My nurse never let me dwell on the moment and we cheerfully chatted.

It didn’t escape my consciousness that this is serious. I’ll seriously be hooked to an IV for Zometa treatments each month and, possibly, chemotherapy by the first week in February. Although my feelings regarding my situation are mostly upbeat I have felt a little anger, but mostly the desire  to be embraced in a big hug non-stop. No worries though, I’m still taking one day at a time…

Please be patient with me as I learn my new schedules and way of life (We spent about six hours at the VA hospital today), manage to get as much rest as I can and fulfill my motherly responsibilities. I hope to be back to blog hopping and writing about fun things very soon.

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