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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Schools’ holiday fun

Each year there is a flurry of activity as my children get more excited about holidays and their schools plan parties and programs. All of the activity means more mommy time; however, it also means more “awww, aren’t they cute” time. In the spirit of the holidays, I’m sharing some pictures of my little sweethearts. Please forgive the picture quality; they’re from my good ole cell.

Img_00414The second graders, including my son Andre, sang Christmas carols after the PTA meeting. It was the first time my son looked into the audience, smiled and participated. He used to be one of the shy ones lurking in the background with his lips barely moving and his head down, too shy to look up. Now he’s such a big boy… I wish I had my camera and could find my memory card.


Then, the same week, we all went to Anna’s school to see her class sing during the parenting meeting.

Img_00450Img_00445This is Anna’s friend (on the left) who came to her brother’s birthday party in October. She’s one of the cutest, sweetest and most polite little girls. Anna is holding a purple maraca …




Anna was very subdued – and tired! – while performing, but she was still so cute. I was really proud of her for standing in front of everyone and participating; even if it was just a little. :-)








Img_00447 Img_00448     Amareah and Andre really enjoyed watching their sister and her class. They even sang along and danced.





Yesterday was the last of the holiday fun at Anna’s school, at least for the parents, and I’m glad a break is just around the corner. What holiday and school-related activities have been going on with your children?

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