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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A new place to shop

Over the years I’ve developed obsessions with jewelry and deals, among other things. Now, if you combine the two – jewelry for a great deal – then it will take a supernatural act (or a low bank account) to keep me from making a purchase. One of my most recent purchases that I absolutely love is my MORELLATO Ladies Diamond Ring Designed in Metallic Base Metal. I really like it because I think it’s unique and because reminds me of charm bracelets, which I love.

image I bought the ring from, and it’s the first time I’ve made a purchase there. While I was scanning the deals one day I saw the ring and had to have it. It was priced at $25, but I had a store credit for $5 (first-time buyer credit, I believe).

Although the ring looked nice online I was not expecting it to be as top quality as it was. Obviously, I’m not familiar with the brand because it appears to be very high end. The ring itself is very heavy and has the brand name engraved on the outside of the band and it arrived in a gorgeous Morellato box with the tag firmly attached to the ring.

Img_00467The pictures below and left, which I took with my cell phone, do not do the ring justice. I had to use the phone because I can’t find the memory card to my camera!  Img_00468















I wear this ring almost daily along with a charm bracelet I made… I think they compliment each other extremely well. If you’d like to checkout Modnique, please click the link as it is my referral link. I’d love to get a little reward if you make a purchase, and you’ll love to get some great deals on high-end goods. Take a look and let me know what you think.

You can read more about my jewelry obsession when you get a chance. And, if you’d like to get me a gift may I suggest jewelry. :-)

Img_00470Disclosure: This IS NOT a paid post. Just a little about my love of all things bling.

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