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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas reflections and fun days

On Christmas Eve, I think I was more excited than the children. I really liked the gifts I had chosen for them and was happy I was able to get several of the things they wanted. Then there was the excitement I felt about the few surprises for my oldest daughter who I have a hard time surprising ‘cause I either let the cat out of the bag or she already knows for whatever reason.

100_5266But as I was placing the gifts under the tree I had a moment of trepidation. There weren’t as many gifts as the children had last year – would they be disappointed? I had already explained to them that if they wanted bigger (more expensive) items – like the Wii I got for all of us – then the number of gifts would reduce. I immediately pushed my doubts aside realizing I had done my best and was at least able to get them presents. There are many people who don’t have the ability or resources to purchase gifts. I also remember last year’s Christmas blessings (and even other years) when things were so tight that I wasn’t able to do much on my own and if it hadn’t been for others’ selflessness we wouldn’t have had anything at all.

Although my children are happy with the gifts they received two of them have said they don’t think they received enough for Christmas. When my 8 year old said that I explained to him why it was enough and told him the true meaning of Christmas. Once I finished talking he said, “I think you’re right. We do have enough.” Wow, he got it, I thought.

Now, my 4 year old isn’t quite as convinced and I know it’ll be an ongoing lesson I’ll have to continue to teach my three young children. Not to compare, but it seems as if my oldest daughter picked that lesson up very quickly when she was their age.  {Shrug}

Also, on Christmas Day, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and my best friend – who is Amber’s godfather – came for Christmas dinner. I am normally a little anxious and stressed out about having guests, but I stayed relaxed and expected a nice evening. And it sure was. I love spending time with my family who I don’t get to see very often. Amber rocked the dinner – she is such an excellent cook – and we all raved about her mac and cheese, chicken, cookies, cake, greens, mashed potatoes, dressing and cornbread. I’ll just confess now, I only had one assignment: to make the juice, and do you know that I forgot about it? Amber had to remind me right before everyone came. What can I say? I’ve passed the baton to someone who enjoys cooking and is really good at it. (Yes, she cooks from scratch.)

So it was a relaxing and fun time with family and friends. On Monday the children left in the early afternoon to hang out with their dad and enjoy more holiday fun. That left Amber and I to relax on the couch and besides one brief outing that’s where we stayed. We watched movies, played Wii (great exercise!), talked, etc. I really love hanging out with her.

100_5254The children returned home early yesterday, but there was much of the same…. chilling, very little work, throwing in a load of laundry and watching movies. Spending the children’s Christmas vacation just playing and relaxing is a great change of pace. In addition to our regular family stuff, we saw Phineas and Ferb Live, went to my nephew’s graduation and enjoyed eating at Ruby Tuesday’s thanks to a gift card from my mom.

100_5258They even spent four days at their sister’s apartment. She took them to the park, let them play outside, made cookies and whatever else big sisters do with their siblings.100_5264









Spending time like this, and knowing the children are having fun, makes one realize it’s the little things that can facilitate happiness. For me, I love spending time reading alone (in quiet!), playing games with the kids (can be hectic and annoying!) and chilling. Are there are things I’d like to do: probably. But I’m going happy with what I’ve been able to do. What about you?      100_5268 100_5269








What did you like best about this holiday season? Tell me your thoughts, your ups, your downs and even your in betweens. Happy Holidays.

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