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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My son is really 8 years old

There have been at least three instances since October 20th when someone has asked me how old my children are and I say my son is 7. It doesn’t sound quite right coming out of my mouth, so I squint my eyes, review all of the ages and then it dawns on me my son is 8. Wow! That’s almost 10 years old.

(Isn’t it funny how are children turn a certain age and we see the future automatically?)

Well, he’s 8. And he’s growing into such a handsome and responsible young man. Such a cutie. He was really cute at his birthday party, which we had at Monkey Joe’s. Remember I told you about his upcoming events when I shared photos of our at-home celebration? Here are some pictures from his Monkey Joe’s birthday party:

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